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Guidelines for including position papers on DG Trade's website

Date Organisation Document Title
17 February 2012 European farmers Copa-Cogeca Position on International Aspects of Agriculture
01 July 2012 Eurogroup for Animals Transatlantic animal welfare Council contribution to the EU-US High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth
01 June 2012 Eurogroup for Animals Free Trade Agreements and Animal Welfare
27 November 2012 Eurogroup for Animals Growing pains: the developing relationship of animal welfare standards and the world trade rules
24 September 2012 Comité européen interprofessionnel du thon tropical EUROTHON note on a Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam
30 November 2012 Comité européen interprofessionnel du thon tropical EUROTHON note on the reform of the GSP
02 April 2012 CIRFS: European Man-made Fibres Association Position paper on EU-US Enhanced partnership


  • Organisations should be registered in the Civil Society Dialogue (see Registering for the Trade Civil Society Dialogue)
  • Position papers should be sent in PDF format to the trade civil society mailbox (
  • The documents should include the following standard disclaimer on page 1 or 2:The content of this report does not reflect the official opinion of the European Commission. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the report [therein] lies entirely with the author(s).
  • It might be useful to include a link to the website of the concerned organisation at the end of each document in case readers should require further information.
  • The number of documents each organisation can contribute would be one document per month and per organisation.