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Survey on IPR protection and enforcement in third countries

  • Policy field: Intellectual Property
  • Target group: Stakeholders
  • Closing Date: Completed - 31/12/2010

Objective of the consultation

The European Commission is launching a survey on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in third countries, in order to collect feedback from EU companies and other EU right holders.
As for similar exercises conducted in 2003 and 2007, the replies to this new survey will be taken into account by the Directorate General for Trade in reviewing its priorities regarding IPR issues. In particular, combined with other sources of input, it will enable the Commission to update its list of "priority countries" (see the IPR Enforcement Report 2009).
This survey is linked to the Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in Third Countries adopted in 2004 by the Commission, with the purpose to reduce the level of IPR infringements beyond EU borders, in particular in countries where it has reached worrying proportions and is seriously harming EU right holders.

Closed 31 December 2010


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