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  1. Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) : Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment on the Environmental Goods Agreement
    • Abstract: This inception report provides an overview of the key methodologies the Project Team will be employing in carrying out the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) on an Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA). It also presents the Project Team’s preliminary research and analysis of the overall sustainability issues concerning trade liberalisation of environmental goods and services. This includes a look at the environmental, economic and social context of international trade projects and contracts that may be affected by the agreement, and expands to include sectoral cross-cutting issues, as well as issues relating to trade in services, non-tariff barriers and other topics that are likely to be included in the ongoing negotiations for an Environmental Goods Agreement. The inception report is divided into three sections. Section 1, “Background and introduction”, outlines the history of the Environmental Goods Agreement and provides an overview of the topics covered in the negotiations to date, followed by a background and literature review of trade in environmental goods and services, tariff and non-tariff barriers, as well as previous and existing trade agreements relating to trade in EGS. The section finishes with an introduction to the Trade SIA and the main goals of the project. Section 2, “Conceptual framework”, presents the general approach to the Trade SIA, beginning with an outline of the key analytical inputs and scenarios to be screened. In section 3, “Sustainability analyses” a description of the economic, environmental and social analysis is presented, along with some of the indicators that will be used to accomplish this. Section 4, “Regional and sectoral analysis”, focuses on the scope of these analyses, and also discusses the inclusion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). In section 5, “Case studies”, a description of the case studies as major deliverables in the project is provided, including their scope of analysis, structure, and presentation. The presentation of the studies is in part described with the help of a draft matrix. In addition, this section discusses the preliminary analysis of the impact of trade liberalisation, viewed through the lens of the key sustainability themes and indicators previously outlined, followed by preliminary research conducted in the form of 16 indicative case study outlines. Section 6 describes the modelling approach, focusing on the structure of the E3ME model, its dimensions and how these can be linked to trade data. Subsequently, section 7, “Stakeholder engagement”, describes the stakeholder engagement activates to be conducted, including interviews, meetings, the questionnaire, newsletters, social media and other outreach. Lastly, section 8, “Project timeline”, presents a detailed timeline, specifying the tasks and activities to be completed throughout the project. Finally, the annexes provide a number of documents pertinent to this report. Annex I outlines the stakeholder consultation network, Annex II refers to a matrix of the planned case studies, to be opened in a separate MS Excel spread sheet, Annex III contains the questionnaire that is being distributed to the expanding network of relevant stakeholders, and Annex IV contains indicative and preliminary case study outlines. Moving forward, this inception report establishes a foundation for the methodology, research and analysis of the Trade SIA, and serves as a guide to the discussion between the Project Team and the Project Steering Committee leading to the next phases and the interim report, to be followed by the Trade SIA on an Environmental Goods Agreement Final Report in December 2015.  
    • 26 May 2015
    • Type: Other
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF 2669Kb
  2. Export Helpdesk : Export Helpdesk newsletter n°13
    • Abstract: - July 2011
    • Languages:
    • 8 July 2011
    • Type: Other
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF 1115Kb
  3. Export from EU : Market Access Newsletter n°33 - April 2011
    • Abstract: Market Access Newsletter n°33 - April 2011
    • 8 April 2011
    • Type: Other
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF 931Kb
  4. Export Helpdesk : Export Helpdesk newsletter n° 12
    • Abstract: - March 2011
    • Languages:
    • 30 March 2011
    • Type: Other
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF 995Kb
  5. Export Helpdesk : Export Helpdesk: Newsletter Nº 10
    • Abstract: In this issue: EU launches major new trade relationship with Latin America; Panama soon to have wider access the EU; Customs security in a few clicks; EPAs in brief; Aid for Trade: going further; News in brief; Events in brief; Voice of the Delegations
    • Languages:
    • 2 July 2010
    • Type: Other
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF 580Kb
  6. Africa, Caribbean, Pacific : EPA NEWSLETTER NO. 3
    • Abstract: Information on the ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements, Progress with the Regional EPA Negociations.
      Launch of negotiations in the Caribbean; SADC and Pacific next in line; work ongoing in Eastern and Southern, West and Central Africa
    • 17 May 2004
    • Type: Issues and policies
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF 59Kb

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