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Trade barrier investigations

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  1. Trade barrier investigations: Report to the Trade barriers committee on the removal by Turkey of measures concerning imports of a particular variety of paper
    • Abstract: The Commission report concluded that the measure would be inconsistent with both WTO and the EU – Turkey Customs Union rules. As Turkey has removed the measure, the EU will not pursue the matter further but will continue to monitor the situation closely.
    • 5 March 2018
    • Type: Issues and policies
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF
  2. Trade barrier investigations: Trade barriers complaints
    • Abstract: More information on trade barriers complaints
    • 17 April 2013
    • Type: Other
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF
  3. Trade barrier investigations: Interim evaluation of the European Union's Trade Barrier Regulation (TBR)
    • Abstract: The purpose of this Study is to carry-out an in-depth examination of the use of the EU's Trade Barrier Regulation over the last ten years and to make recommendations addressed to the European Commission for possible reforms of the way it is applied in practice to remove illegal trade barriers adopted or maintained by the EU's trade partners.
    • 1 June 2005
    • Type: Issues and policies
    • Source: Commission
    • Format: PDF

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