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Economic Partnerships Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), 22-23 February 2012

EU experts and Pacific stakeholders discuss the implementation of the interim Economic Partnership Agreement

This page describes past events and is no longer updated.

On 22-23 February 2012 EU and independent experts met around 85 business leaders and government officials from Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Tonga to discuss the implementation of the EU – Pacific interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The interim EPA was initialled in 2007 and then signed in 2009 by PNG and Fiji, but ratification by Fiji is still pending. The Agreement has been fully ratified by the EU and PNG and has now entered the implementation phase.

Participants addressed one of the main features of the Agreement, namely rules of origin for fisheries (see also this webpage), but also tackled other sectors which have a high export potential, such as energy and raw materials, agro-processing, and forest-based industries. The possibility to widen the geographical coverage of the Agreement, and to deepen it so as to include new chapters, such as services and investment, was also discussed.

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