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Economic Partnerships Antananarivo, 12-13 March 2013

Doing Business with Europe: how your business can benefit from the ESA-EU EPA

This page describes past events and is no longer updated.

The European Commission hosted a two-day seminar for over 100 businesspeople, civil servants, and civil society representatives from Madagascar.

The event took place in Antananarivo (Madagascar) on 12-13 March 2013. The participants gathered to explore potential benefits of the Economic Partnership Agreement that was concluded between Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) and the European Union.

Together they looked at the agreement's contents and explored how to put the EPA to work for their businesses – increasing exports, attracting more outside investment, and thereby driving growth and jobs in the country.

The seminar was the first such event targeting businesspeople directly. Participants and speakers included CEOs and senior figures from well-established Malagasy business organisations, as well as from EU experts and business representatives.

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