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United States | Washington DC, 18 December 2013

Update on the Third Round of Negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Today, at the mid-point of the third round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, US and EU negotiators took time to share information with and hear viewpoints from more than 350 stakeholders from environmental, consumer, and other non-governmental organizations, labour unions, business, and academia.


US Chief Negotiator Dan Mullaney and EU Chief Negotiator Ignacio Garcia-Bercero and their teams participated in a three-hour session. This included more than 50 policy presentations on issues including consumer and food safety, innovation, and agriculture. The session enabled these stakeholders to provide negotiators valuable feedback on their negotiating objectives for TTIP. The chief negotiators then briefed stakeholders on the status of the talks and answered questions about the proposed agreement.

A number of TTIP negotiating groups also continued their work today, focusing on: services; market access; competition; trade facilitation; sectoral issues; investment; textiles; labour and the environment; intellectual property rights, and technical barriers to trade.

Press enquiries should be directed to Anne Eisenhower for the Office of the United States Trade Representative and John Clancy for the European Union.