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United States | Brussels, 11 March 2014

EU, U.S. trade talks - negotiators hear from 90 representatives of environmental and consumer groups, business, and trades unions

The European Commission will tomorrow host several hundred representatives of environmental, consumer, and other non-governmental organizations, labour unions, business, and academia, at two separate events. These come at the mid-point of the fourth round of week-long negotiations on a new EU-U.S. trade and investment agreement - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP.


The first event is an opportunity for 90 organisations from across Europe and the U.S. to explain their top priorities for the TTIP to assembled negotiators. The second is a chance for representatives of these and other organisations, totalling more than 300, to hear directly from the EU and U.S. Chief Negotiators, Ignacio Garcia-Bercero and Dan Mullaney, about progress during the week so far.

Event 1 – Stakeholder Presentations

The first event will comprise over 90 stakeholder presentations, reflecting the wide interest in the negotiations. These will take place in four separate groups, each covering a different topic: manufacturing; agriculture; services, investment and public procurement; and rules.

This will allow stakeholders to speak to negotiators about their areas of interest. The event is also an excellent opportunity for negotiators from both sides to hear directly from everyone with an interest in the outcome of the negotiations.

Full schedule of presentations

List of registered civil society participants

Event 2 – Chief Negotiators' Briefing to Stakeholders

At the second event, the EU and U.S. Chief Negotiators will address the audience on progress during the fourth round of negotiations, and their expectations for the process in 2014.

Stakeholders will then have the chance to ask questions on the issues that matter to them.

Press attendance and enquiries

Event 1 - members of the press will be present, on a strictly background, off-the-record basis. The European Commission's Audiovisual Service will publish photos and stockshots of the session for free use afterwards.

Event 2 - members of the press will not be present. The Commission will publish a report of the event in due course on our dedicated TTIP webpages.

On Friday 14 March, the EU and U.S. Chief Negotiators will hold a press conference. In the meantime, press enquiries can be directed to John Clancy for the European Union and Anne Eisenhower for the Office of the United States Trade Representative.