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United States | Brussels, 22 May 2014

Commissioner De Gucht discusses EU-US trade talks in German Bundesrat

Today, Commissioner De Gucht and German Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier have discussed the on-going negotiations on EU-US trade deal (TTIP) with members of the German Bundesrat.

The aim of this meeting was to consult and inform the representatives of the German federal states about the opportunities and challenges of TTIP for German and European citizens and companies. Commissioner De Gucht also delivered a speech at Humboldt University on 'the EU's Trade policy as a means to influence globalisation'.

This visit of the Commissioner is part of a series of visits to EU Member States in the last weeks to participate in discussions on TTIP and European trade policy and to engage with a wide range of stakeholders. As the negotiations progress, Commissioner De Gucht wants to provide information and explain the nature of TTIP to all interested while setting new standards in trade negotiations' transparency.

Commissioner De Gucht speech at Humboldt University, Berlin

Commissioner De Gucht also delivered a speech at the European Affairs Committee of the Bundesrat in Berlin entitled: TTIP: the real debate.