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United States | Brussels, 6 June 2014

Commissioner De Gucht at the Wrocław Global Forum 2014

Today, Commissioner De Gucht attended the Wrocław Global Forum as keynote speaker and panelist. Addressing the audience, he said that TTIP is a way to strengthen common EU and US values such as democracy, open markets and the respect for the individual. He explained how this deal would allow more prosperity to travel between the two blocs’ economies in the form of goods, services and investment.

Referring to Polish exporters, who helped their country keep growing during the crisis, he stressed how TTIP would help them "take on the world", and make the whole country more prosperous as a result.

De Gucht also reiterated that both the EU and the US have made it clear in several occasions that they have no intention of lowering protections, despite many critics repeating these false accusations.

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