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Ukraine | Brussels, 17 June 2014

EU-Russia technical meeting: effects of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement/Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area on Russia’s economy

Yesterday the third bilateral EU-Russia consultation on the potential effects of the provisions of the Association Agreement (AA) with Ukraine on Russia’s economy took place in Brussels.

The discussions focused on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), included in the AA, between the EU and Ukraine and the trade agreements of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on the other. The planned signature of the EU-Ukraine AA/DCFTA remains fully on track and will be signed on the 27th of June.

The EU stated that the AA/DCFTA is compatible with Ukraine's participation in the CIS Free Trade Agreements, stressing that a suspension of the preferential trade relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation would be unwarranted. Russia underlined the importance of the Ukrainian market for Russian exporters of agricultural and manufactured products, and suggested establishing a mechanism to ensure transparency on the upcoming changes in the Ukrainian technical regulations.

The EU and Russia also discussed a number of economic aspects, ranging from competition rules and state aid, to industrial cooperation, rules of origin and the prevention of fraud in trade exchanges. They also covered in detail the possible implications of the regulatory approximation foreseen in the EU-Ukraine AA/DCFTA.

The EU was represented by the Deputy Director General for Trade of the European Commission Dr Péter P. Balás and Director Gunnar Wiegand of the European External Action Service, while Russia was represented by Director Maxim Medvedkov, Director of the Ministry of Economic Development and by Deputy Director Dmitry Polyansky of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both sides agreed to pursue these talks further. President Barroso last week had also offered Russia to hold political level consultations, associating Ukraine, on the implementation of the AA/DCFTA to be led by EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht in the coming weeks.

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