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Morocco | Brussels, 9 July 2014

Joint press statement on the EU-Morocco negotiations

Unofficial translation in English (original text in French at the bottom of the page)

Since March 2013, the EU and Morocco have been engaged in the negotiation of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA). The negotiations for the DCFTA have progressed well in the course of the four negotiating sessions that have already been held. The two parties share the common objective of concluding as soon possible a DCFTA which takes into consideration their mutual interests and priorities.

Morocco is now launching accompanying studies of the negotiations in certain sectors that would be covered by the future DCFTA and intends to take into consideration the results of these studies during the next negotiating rounds. The two parties have therefore agreed to postpone the fifth round of negotiations.

Technical contacts will continue during this period in order to ensure the continuity of the negotiation process.

Joint press statement in French
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