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United States | Brussels, October 3rd 2014

’No change to EU rules on dangerous chemicals via TTIP’

A potential EU-US trade deal would under no circumstances result in the lowering of existing EU environmental and health standards with regard to chemicals. – wrote Commissioner De Gucht in a reply to the letter by environment NGOs. ’Over the last decades, the EU has seen its standards rise to a level of global excellence and leadership in the field of chemicals, notably since the adoption of REACH. This will not change due to a possible TTIP Agreement.’ –added De Gucht.

The letter also makes clear that current EU and US regulations on chemicals differ significantly so neither harmonisation nor mutual recognition are feasible. The EU sees scope for working together in four areas, within the limits of our respective rules, to:

  • prioritise chemicals for assessment
  • classify and label chemicals
  • identify and address new or emerging issues
  • share data and protect confidential business information more effectively.

Doing this could make our systems more efficient and thereby cut firms' and regulators’ costs.

See the full version of the reply by Commissioner De Gucht and the original letter from the NGOs.
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