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United States | Brussels, Tuesday 25 November 2014

Meet the team negotiating chemicals in TTIP at our upcoming stakeholder meeting

On Tuesday 25 November 2014, the EU TTIP negotiating team for chemicals met a broad range of EU civil society organisations for an in-depth discussion on TTIP and chemicals.

Summary report of the meeting

Video of the Q&A session

Publishing key documents on chemicals in TTIP

There has been unprecedented public interest in the TTIP negotiations and the European Commission is working to ensure a high level of transparency.

This includes our negotiations on chemicals:

- In May this year we published the EU's initial position paper on chemicals in TTIP.

- More recently, we responded to a letter  from environmental NGOs. In this we:

  • explained in more detail our approach
  • reaffirmed our determination to maintain the EU’s high levels of environmental and health protection with regard to chemicals.

Two other important documents are now on-line:

  • an outline of possible provisions on chemicals in TTIP, which we presented to the US at the 7th round of negotiations
  • a more detailed "modalities" paper – this develops ideas for putting EU-US regulatory cooperation on chemicals into practice; we also presented this to the US at the 7th round of negotiations.

Main speakers at the meeting

• Mr Klaus Berend, Head of the REACH Unit in DG Enterprise & Industry
• Mr Bjorn Hansen, Head of the Chemicals Unit in DG Environment
• Mr Fernando Perreau de Pinninck, Head of the unit covering Tariff and Non-tariff Negotiations, Rules of Origin and Acting Director for WTO, Legal Affairs and Trade in Goods in DG Trade
• Mr Benjamin Musall, Policy Co-ordinator in the Market Access Unit in DG Trade


• Mr Lutz Guellner, Deputy Head of Unit for Information, Communication and Civil Society in DG Trade

Participants who registered for the meeting

List of participants