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Doha Development Agenda | Brussels, 13 November 2014

The Bali Trade agreements: ’The breakthrough puts wind into the sails of global trade’ - statement by Cecilia Malmström

Statement by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström:

"We have achieved an important breakthrough which will lead to the full implementation of the landmark Bali package, including the Trade Facilitation Agreement, the first global trade deal agreed in the World Trade Organization (WTO). I welcome the news that the US and India have resolved their differences on this issue. Together with the recent progress in negotiations on the expansions of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), today's breakthrough on the Bali agreements demonstrates that the WTO can deliver meaningful trade liberalisation results which will greatly contribute to the growth of the global economy. The EU has worked intensively in the WTO and bilaterally with all the parties to overcome differences and bridge often conflicting positions. We have always been a strong advocate of a compromise which would strengthen the multilateral trading system.

Now, we are looking forward to take the next steps on the implementation of all the elements of the Bali package, notably the immediate adoption of the Trade Facilitation Protocol due by 31 July.

Implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement will allow the WTO to resume work on other key aspects of the Bali deal, including advancing on the preparation of a work-programme for the Doha Development Agenda (DDA), thereby setting us on a path towards the conclusion of the Doha Round.
I am therefore particularly pleased today as the breakthrough gives new momentum to the WTO and restores trust among members and the credibility of multilateral trade negotiations. The EU has always been a strong supporter of open and fair trade, and of trade liberalisation agreed at the global level. Implementing the Bali package will benefit all WTO members, in particular the millions of poor people across the globe in the least developed countries. We will now do our utmost to help these countries to fully benefit from global trade.

We look forward to resuming discussions in the WTO in the coming days, to turn these agreements into action."

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