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United States | Brussels, 11 December 2014

Commissioner Malmström: ’TTIP is more than just a trade negotiation’ – Speech

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström today insisted that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) needed to be negotiated openly, honestly and in the public interest, given the vital issues it covers.

At a debate in Brussels organised by Open Europe and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation the Commissioner acknowledged that TTIP 'is not just another trade negotiation and we should not present it to people that way... It’s a negotiation that goes beyond traditional trade issues like market access for goods and services. Most importantly, but not only, it's about regulation.'

The Commissioner argued that meant three things for the negotiating process: 'First, there can be no trade-off between our economic goals and our people's health and safety, the environment or financial stability… Second, we need to use this agreement to protect people even better. We live in a global economy. Effective regulation depends on international cooperation. TTIP must support that… Third, this agreement needs to be negotiated openly and transparently. Everyone who is interested must have a chance to comment – consumers, workers, environmental activists, entrepreneurs, private citizens and the people's representatives.'

Commissioner Malmström also made a clear case for how TTIP could boost Europe's economy and position in the world.

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