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Moldova | Brussels, 22 October 2015

Malmström in Chisinau to discuss EU-Moldova trade cooperation

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau on October 22-23, meeting with President Nicolae Timofti, Prime Minister Valeriu Streleț, Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Gherman, Minister of Economy Stephane Bride, and others.

The visit of Commissioner Malmström marks the first anniversary of the EU-Moldova Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) which is applied since September of last year. Discussions in Chisinau will focus on how the Free Trade Area has been put into practice since then, and its potential for the future.

In wake of the difficulties Moldova has been facing, the stable trading framework that the free trade area provides has prevented a decline in trade between the EU and Moldova since last autumn. Today, the EU buys almost two thirds of the goods that Moldova sells to the rest of the world, and Moldovan exports to the EU are now on the rise.

‘The way to get even more out of our relationship is by making sure that the free trade area is fully put in place,’ said Commissioner Malmström. ‘Moldova has already made good progress, but the reform process needs to switch to a higher gear. The EU will continue supporting Moldova on this path.’

In a speech (RO, RU) before business leaders and government officials in Chisinau today, the EU's trade commissioner underlined the strength of the economic and political relationship with Moldova and the potential of a bilateral trade deal between them. She also lauded the progress made on implementing the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement, though more was needed. She also stated, however, that as a friend, the EU must also make clear that the rule of law was essential for Moldova's future success. Regarding the recent banking scandal, she said all suspects, "should be tried and, if found guilty, punished with the full force of the law."

During the discussion with the audience at the conference, Commissioner Malmström pointed out that Moldovan wine exports are up 29% since the entry into force of the Free Trade Area last year.

On her way to Chisinau, Commissioner Malmström also wrote on her blog about the trade relationship between the EU and Moldova, and her expectations for the visit.”

Photos of Commissioner Malmström's visit will be made available during the two days, along with video from Thursday and Friday

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