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Agreements | Brussels, updated on 14 July 2016

Transparency in action

Transparency 2015

On this page you will find negotiating texts and other documents published since 14 October 2015 related to the EU’s existing trade agreements and ongoing trade negotiations with non-EU countries. These texts are also available on the various parts of the DG TRADE website. The texts are collated here as part of the European Commission’s ongoing commitment to greater transparency and specifically to the commitment to transparency made in the EU’s new trade strategy ’Trade for All’.



- Report of the first round, September 2016

- Report of the 14th round, August 2016
- Additional textual proposals, July 2016

Environmental goods agreement (EGA)
- Report of the 15th round, August 2016

Trade in services agreement (TiSA)
- Report of the 19th round, July 2016
- Revised offer, May 2016

- Report of the first round, July 2016 

- Report of the first round, June 2016 

- Report of the 16th round, May 2016

- Initial EU texts, April 2016 (only in French, the negotiating language)
- Report of the first round, April 2016 (presently in FR, will be translated in EN)



CETA texts adopted by the European Commission and formally proposed to the Council of the EU, July 2016

EU-Vietnam Free trade agreement text, following the conclusion of the negotiating process. February 2016

Economic Partnership Agreement between West Africa and the European Union, October 2015

Economic Partnership Agreement with the East African Community, October 2015

Economic Partnership Agreement with the South African Development Community, October 2015




In order to ensure that EU policies and laws are prepared, implemented and reviewed in an open and transparent manner, stakeholders may express their views at every stage of the policy cycle. The following issues are presently open for comments:


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