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Trade, Growth & Jobs | Paris, 30 November 2015

Commissioner Malmström: Trade can help address global challenges like climate change, development

Speaking in Paris at the 100th anniversary of the Franco-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Cecilia Malmström outlined how trade policy can address various major challenges.

Under the EU's new trade strategy, Trade for All, economic prosperity for Europe's citizens remains the EU's top trade priority. But the Commissioner also highlighted the new focus the strategy has placed on broader issues.

That includes the development of poorer countries and the whole question of how trade policy must be in line with European values. Under that heading she highlighted EU leadership in the WTO negotiations for an Environmental Goods Agreement, which – in support of the climate conference in Paris - will eliminate trade barriers on products that provide renewable energy and encourage energy efficiency, lowering their cost and making widespread adoption cheaper. EU trade policy also supports labour and human rights and broader environmental objectives like eliminating trade in endangered species.

She drew attention to a long history of Franco-Swedish interaction, noting that the will of Alfred Nobel – in which he founded today's system of prizes – was written in Paris – hopefully a precedent for positive results this week.

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