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Canada | Brussels, 9 December 2015

Commissioner Malmström makes the case for EU-Canada CETA agreement

At a workshop in the European Parliament, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström outlined why the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada will be an excellent deal for European workers, consumers and entrepreneurs.

CETA would eliminate most tariffs on European exports, including high tariffs on clothing and footwear, open Canada's procurement market to EU firms, protect 145 European geographical indications and make it easier for services companies to do business in Canada.

The Commissioner also addressed some of the concerns about the agreement – noting that both public services and the right to regulate would be fully protected. She stressed that the CETA provisions on investment were already state of the art and that the EU was aiming for some fine tuning to make it equivalent to the new EU approach as laid out in the Investment Court System proposal. Finally she noted the values shared between the EU and Canada and stated that CETA would be a way to strengthen our partnership around them.

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