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Goods and services | Brussels, 26 May 2016

18th round of Trade in Services Agreement talks starts under EU chairmanship

The 18th round of talks for a Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) starts today in Geneva under EU chairmanship. The EU will use this opportunity to push for further progress towards a high-quality agreement that will support jobs and growth of a modern services sector in Europe.

The agenda for this round will focus on market access. The first two days are devoted to presentation by participants of their revised offers. Following its presentation in Geneva, the EU is now making its revised offer available online, in line with its commitment to transparency.

The previous round resulted in a good progress towards a stable text on many thematic issues to be covered by annexes to the future agreement. The EU will use its chairmanship to get further progress. In that respect, text-based discussions will continue over the coming week on telecommunication services, e-commerce, financial services, the localisation issues, transport, temporary movement of people for purposes of service delivery (known as 'Mode 4'), as well as TiSA institutional provisions.


The EU is an active participant in the TiSA negotiations comprising 23 world partners seeking more open services markets.
The negotiations are conducted on the basis of a mandate from EU Member States which clearly spells out the negotiating objectives and so-called red lines.

At the negotiating table the Commission strictly adheres to its public commitments, defending among others high standards of data protection and freedom of public authorities to decide on the way they manage public services.

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