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Policy | Brussels, 27 April 2017

Commissioner Malmström in Denmark and Sweden to discuss EU trade policy and participate in a Citizens’ Dialogue

Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström is in Copenhagen and Malmö today. In the Danish capital, the Commissioner will contribute her views to the debate on how to ensure the best conditions and opportunities for Danish businesses in the future global economy.

The debate is co-hosted by the Confederation of Danish Enterprise and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and a number of Danish chief business executives are participating.

While in Malmö, she will take part in a Citizens' Dialogue at Malmö University. This dialogue will be the 171st Citizens' Dialogue with a Commissioner from the Juncker Commission.

The Commissioner will discuss the five scenarios for the future of the EU presented by the Commission in March, as well as the EU's strategy to ensure open and fair global trade, including the ambitious negotiating agenda with partners such as Japan, Mexico and South America.

The future agreements are expected to bring tangible benefits to European consumers and companies. Already today, 1 in 6 jobs in Denmark and 1 in 5 jobs in Sweden depend on exports outside the EU.

In Copenhagen, Commissioner Malmström will also meet with Mr. Anders Samuelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and members of the Danish Parliament. The Citizens' Dialogue in Malmö will be web-streamed as of 16:00.