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Japan | Brussels, 6 July 2017

EU-Japan trade agreement: texts of the agreement in principle

Find here a summary of the agreement and the published chapters

The agreement in principle – shared with the EU’s Member States and the European Parliament, this document sets out what is in the agreement

Chapter by chapter

The negotiations between EU and Japan on Economic Partnership Agreement have not been concluded yet. Therefore, the whole texts are also still under negotiations and not finalised. However, in view of the growing public interest in the negotiations, the texts are published at this stage of the negotiations for information purposes. These texts are without prejudice to the final outcome of the agreement between the EU and Japan.
Any such texts should be finalised upon the signature and become binding upon the Parties under international law only after completion by each Party of its internal legal procedures necessary for the entry into force of the Agreement, followed by the final texts being submitted and approved by the legislators.

EU proposals

Good Regulatory Practices and Regulatory Cooperation, published in March 2017