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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2019. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
Commission welcomes European Parliament’s support for investment screening framework en Investment 14 Feb 2019
Agreement with Singapore set to give a boost to EU-Asia trade en Singapore 13 Feb 2019
Commission puts in place duties on subsidised biodiesel from Argentina en Trade defence 13 Feb 2019
Cambodia: EU launches procedure to temporarily suspend trade preferences en Cambodia 11 Feb 2019
Comoros and Samoa join trade and development agreements with the European Union en Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 11 Feb 2019
Commission imposes definitive safeguard measures on imports of steel products en Actions against imports into the EU 01 Feb 2019
EU-Japan trade agreement enters into force en Japan 31 Jan 2019
EU-U.S. trade talks: European Commission publishes progress report en United States 30 Jan 2019
76 WTO members launch talks on e-commerce en Goods and services 25 Jan 2019
EU team in Korea for government consultations over labour commitments under the trade agreement en South Korea 21 Jan 2019
The EU moves forward efforts at UN on multilateral reform of ISDS en Investment 18 Jan 2019
EU-U.S. Trade Talks: European Commission presents draft negotiating mandates en United States 18 Jan 2019
European Commission set to adopt definitive safeguard measures on imports of steel en Actions against imports into the EU 16 Jan 2019
EU imposes safeguard measures on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar en Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 16 Jan 2019
EU requests bilateral dispute settlement consultations with Ukraine over wood export ban en Ukraine 16 Jan 2019
EU Chief Negotiator updates civil society on the state of play of negotiations with Mercosur en Mercosur 15 Jan 2019
Speech: Malmström in Washington D.C. en United States 10 Jan 2019
EU, Japan and US met in Washington D.C. en United States 09 Jan 2019

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