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Trade, Growth & Jobs | Brussels, 29 September 2017

Malmström spoke on Japan and dairy in Stockholm

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is in Stockholm, Sweden, where she participated in a citizens’ dialogue today on the EU trade policy’s role in shaping globalisation.

The dialogue event, which can be watched in its entirety here, was entitled "Protectionism does not protect" and Malmström was joined onstage by CEO of the Swedish Trade Federation Karin Johansson, Vice President of Ericsson Ulf Pehrsson, and others. The dialogue fed into the ongoing debate launched by the Commission in May with the publication of the Reflection Paper on harnessing globalisation, followed by the presentation of a significant trade policy package two weeks ago.

At the occasion of her visit in Sweden, Commissioner Malmström also met Swedish minister for Trade Ann Linde, and participated at a meeting at the Swedish Parliament.

She also delivered a keynote speech at the European Dairy Association’s Annual Convention "Global trade for global dairy", where she pointed out the opportunities that open trade offers for the dairy industry.

In Stockholm, Commissioner Malmström also spoke at a conference about EU-Japan trade at Stockholm Business School. The EU and Japan have an agreement in principle on a trade agreement since July. In her speech, Malmström noted:

By agreeing a free trade agreement between us, we are sending a strong message – at a time when protectionism would like to make a comeback, at a time when many large players are turning their back on global governance, the EU and Japan lead on open trade.”