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Accessing markets | Brussels, 10 October 2017

Good news for European beef as more markets reduce restrictions

Beef from the Netherlands and Sweden will now be allowed on the Taiwanese market. Austrian beef will also now be permitted into Japan.

This news will be welcome to Dutch, Swedish and Austrian cattle farmers who, like most other producers across the EU, have been hit with bans affecting some of Asia's largest export markets following the BSE crisis of the 1990s.

The opening of these markets – effective immediately – is the result of a joint effort of the Member State authorities and the European Commission to engage in a dialogue over several years to explain the EU's comprehensive, multi-layered control systems that meet the highest standards.

The EU Commission continues to work closely with the Taiwanese and Japanese authorities and Member States to widen the opening of their markets and allow access also to other Member States interested, with a view to re-establishing normal trade conditions.

The Taiwanese and Japanese announcements send an important and positive signal to other Asian authorities to follow their example, and to bring their import conditions in line with international standards and allow EU beef to enter their markets.

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