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Mexico | Brussels, 15 January 2018

The EU and Mexico make progress in bridging remaining gaps in latest trade talks

Discussions on a new trade agreement between the EU and Mexico took place last week in Mexico City, following up on the intensive work just before the Christmas.

Talks have resulted in very good progress. A number of areas have already been finalised, including competition, small and medium companies, transparency, sanitary issues, good regulatory practices, and trade and sustainable development.

Further work on a number of issues is still required, related both to market access and rules, including geographical indications and investment protection.

The EU and Mexico both remain strongly committed and with the aim to conclude the talks as soon as possible.

Meetings and other contacts at technical level continue. The two teams agreed to meet soon in Brussels. The exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

As usual, a report summarising outcomes of discussions during the seventh round will be published on the DG Trade website.


The negotiations for the trade agreement, which forms part of an updated Global Agreement between the two partners, were launched in May 2016.

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