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Canada | Brussels, 13 August 2018

CETA - Meetings and documents

The Commission will publish a timetable of the CETA committee meetings and their agendas (when available), reports and other documents in order to inform about the different steps of the CETA implementation process. This is part of its commitment to a more transparent and inclusive trade and investment policy.

The Commission will publish provisional agenda's agreed by both sides ahead of the meetings. The final version will be uploaded after the meeting.

CETA Joint Committee, specialised committees and dialogues

CETA Joint Committee
1st meeting – 26 September 2018

Trade in Goods
1st meeting - 29 November, via video conference

The Committee on Agriculture
1st meeting - 19 September 2018 in Brussels

The Committee on Wines and Spirits
1st meeting - 5 July 2018 in Brussels

The Joint Sectoral Group on Pharmaceuticals
1st meeting – 16 November 2018 via videoconference

Geographical Indications
1st meeting – 17 May 2018 via video conference

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
1st meeting – 26-27 March 2018 in Ottawa

Joint Customs Cooperation
1st meeting – 22 June 2018 in Brussels

Government Procurement
1st meeting – 15 March 2018 in Brussels

Services and Investment
1st meeting – 18 September 2018

Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications
1st meeting - postponed

Financial Services
1st meeting – 19 June 2018 in Brussels

Trade and Sustainable Development
1st meeting – 13 September 2018 in Brussels

Civil Society Forum
1st meeting – in the margins of the Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development

Regulatory Cooperation Forum

Call for proposals and results

1st meeting – 14 December

Bilateral Dialogues

Forest Products
1st meeting – 23 May 2018 by videoconference

Raw Materials
1st meeting – 16 November 2018 in Brussels

Enhanced Cooperation on science, technology, research and innovation
Latest meeting took place on 23 March 2018 in Ottawa, read more here.

Biotech Market Access Issues
1st meeting – 26 April 2018 via videoconference

Motor Vehicle Regulations
1st meeting – 5 October 2018

Electronic Commerce
1st meeting – to be determined