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Actions against exports from the EU | Brussels 19 March 2018

Taiwan opens market for pork from Italy

Pork products from Italy, including the renowned Parma ham, are now allowed on the Taiwanese market following joint work by the European Commission and the Italian authorities. This market opening should generate estimated sales of Italian pork products of around €2 million.

The approval for fresh meat is effective immediately, but it will take several months until hams will be available for sale as they have to complete their maturation process before being placed on the market. The opening of the Taiwanese market is the result of several years' work engaging with the Taiwanese government, academia and wider public in a dialogue to explain the EU's comprehensive, multi-layered control systems, recognised worldwide to meet highest sanitary standards.

The EU Commission will continue to work closely with the Taiwanese government and Member States to expand bilateral trade of food products with Taiwan. The decision of the Taiwanese authorities will send an important and positive signal also to other Asian governments to fully recognise the EU's stringent veterinary controls that fully comply with international standards and guarantee the safety of our exported meat products.

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