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Policy | Uppsala, Sweden, 16 April 2018

Speech: Commissioner Malmström on Viking traders, open societies and using EU trade to shape the world in Uppsala

Commissioner Cecilia Malmström discussed the future – and the past – of EU trade with members of the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs.

The Commissioner spoke about the EU’s vision for shaping globalisation with trade. The EU does this through a negotiating agenda that delivers for EU citizens, fair and balanced relations with our trading partners and a firm commitment to our values.

17 000 jobs here in Sweden are supported by EU exports to Canada. In total across the EU, that number rises to 865 000 jobs. If we consider EU trade at large, that's 31 million jobs. Think about the impact of that: 31 million people with a way to support themselves and peace of mind. It is no small achievement.”. Commissioner Malmström said.

While in Sweden, Commissioner Malmström also participated in the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality, discussing trade’s part to play in the pursuit of equal rights.

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