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Policy making | Brussels 24 April 2018

Speech: Commissioner Malmström’s address to the Committee of the Regions (CoR)

Commissioner Cecilia Malmström spoke to the CoR’s Commission for Economic Policy today.

She talked about how keeping local and regional governance involved in trade policy is one of the best ways to shape globalisation and make trade work for everyone. The Commission does this through transparency, consultation and a commitment to controlling globalisation, not being controlled by it.

The Commissioner said, “The world is interconnected in an unprecedented way. A car can be built with a German design, in a Mexican factory, with an American chassis and a Japanese transmission. These links cannot be undone easily, and undoing them won't solve anything. In fact it would create more harm. Instead of hiding behind walls and borders, we need to make sure that globalisation happens the way we want it to.”

She called on regional and local government to engage actively with their national level governments on the positive and negative effects of EU trade policy on the ground.

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