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Policy | Katowice, 15 May 2018

Speech: Poland - Free and Open Traders

Yesterday Commissioner Cecilia Malmström addressed the European Economic Congress – a high profile business event in Central Europe.

She shared the European Commission’s vision for a trade policy that is fit for the 21st century – one that takes advantage of the opportunities of globalisation while making sure its benefits are shared by everyone. Commissioner Malmström discussed how, through its extensive trade negotiations, the EU is building a network of partners that stand against both uncontrolled liberalisation and the temptations of protectionism.

“Open global trade is one of our fundamental economic freedoms. And economic freedom is a cornerstone of a free society. In Poland, you have not always had that freedom. In the past, entrepreneurs from Poland had to go abroad to realise their visions… These days Polish entrepreneurs do not have to leave their homeland. Poland has profited from the EU's Single Market like few other countries. And the stronger connections we build with external markets through trade policy, the more opportunities there will be”, Commissioner Malmström said.

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Speech by Commissioner Malmström