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Expert group on Trade Agreements | Brussels, 11 July 2018

Commission engages with stakeholders in meeting of the Advisory Group on EU Trade Agreements

The Commission will today hold the third meeting of the Advisory Group on EU Trade Agreements, a body created in September 2017 to allow the Commission to foster in-depth dialogue with civil society and gather more easily different perspectives and insights from a wide and balanced group of stakeholders.

In its third meeting, the group composed of 28 organisations representing businesses, trade unions, consumers and environmental groups will discuss the implementation of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA) in the preparation of the CETA Joint Committee scheduled for September 2018; issues related to cross-border data flows and personal data protection in trade and investment negotiations, as well as consumer issues in trade agreements, including those related to public health.

More details about the meeting are available online. The report of the meeting will be published in the following days.

The advisory group builds on the Commission's long-standing, active dialogue with civil society on trade issues and other transparency mechanisms, including regular publication of EU negotiating proposals, in line with commitments made in the 'Trade for All' strategy of 2015.