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Policy | Hamburg, 6 November 2018

Commissioner Malmström in Hamburg, receives the Hanseatic Prize

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is in Hamburg, where she was awarded the 2018 Hanseatic Prize on Monday from the Hanseatic Society.

The yearly prize is awarded to personalities with a deep commitment to “freedom of thought, opportunity and trade”.

In her acceptance speech at the awards ceremony at the Museum of Hamburg History, Malmström discussed how the EU has transformed trade over the past several years and the benefits that have accrued as a result.

Malmström reaffirmed her – and the EU’s – commitment to multilateralism through the World Trade Organisation and highlighted trade’s role in the EU’s global influence.

“Things are looking good for EU trade. We stand to gain a lot economically – but it is important to remember our agreements are about more than the economy. Just like the Hansa before, connecting cities across northern Europe, they are strategic alliances too. These days we need allies, as the EU has ambitious plans”, Commissioner Malmström said in her speech.

During her visit, Malmström also met with Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Minister President and First Mayor of Hamburg.

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