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Policy | Vilnius, 10 November 2018

Commissioner Malmström in Vilnius to discuss what EU trade can offer to Lithuanians and the world

Cecilia Malmström is visiting Vilnius for a high-level conference to speak alongside the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, Roberto Azevêdo. The topic of the conference is "Global Trade - What’s in it for us?".

She highlighted that Lithuania has always benefited from trade. Showing how the region was first established as a hub of trade and activity in the 14th century, and how it has continued to benefit right up until today. She also discussed the ways in that EU trade policy has been reinvented in recent years to make sure we all continue to benefit from that prosperity. Most importantly, she laid out the future priorities of the EU in global trade - in particular, its work in reforming the WTO.

"Multilateralism is enshrined in the WTO – the World Trade Organisation. It has underpinned global trade for decades – allowing stability and the gradual opening of markets. Without it, there is no rulebook. International trade would become totally anarchic. Smaller countries would be bullied and companies fall victim to unfair practices," Commissioner Malmström said.

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