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Japan | Brussels, latest update on 7 October 2019

EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) - Meetings and documents

The Commission will publish the agendas (when available) of the committees set up by the EU-Japan EPA, as well as reports and other documents in order to inform about the different steps of the EPA implementation process. This is part of its commitment to a more transparent and inclusive trade and investment policy.

The Commission will publish provisional agenda's agreed by both sides ahead of the meetings. The final version will be uploaded after the meeting


EPA Joint Committee, specialised committees and dialogues

Joint Committees
Rules of procedure

Decisions adopted by the EPA Joint Committee

  • Decision 1, 10 April 2019 (rules of procedures, mediation, arbitrators)

1st meeting – 10 April 2019: Agenda | Joint minutes

Committee on Trade in Goods

Committee on Rules of Origin and Customs-Related Matters

1st meeting – 26 June 2019: Agenda | Conclusions

Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade

Committee on Trade in Services, Investment Liberalisation and Electronic Commerce

Committee on Government Procurement

Committee on Trade and Sustainable Development

Joint Dialogue with civil society organisations

Committee on Regulatory Cooperation

Committee on Agricultural Cooperation

1st meeting – 22 July 2019: Agenda | Conclusions

Working Group on Wine

  • Decision no.1/2019 of the Working Group on Wine (import certificates)
  • Decision no. 2/2019 of the Working Group on Wine (contact points)

1st meeting – 1 February 2019: Agenda and minutes

Working Group on Motor Vehicles and Parts

Negotiating and approval process