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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2015. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
European Commission pushes for full transparency for ISDS in current investment treaties Investment 29 Jan 2015
The European Commission tables proposals to improve transparency in Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) based on existing investment treaties Investment 29 Jan 2015
Speech: Trade, Development and Fairness Development 27 Jan 2015
Speech: Commissioner Malmström’ s visit of Spanish Members of Parliament Trade 26 Jan 2015
Speech: China-EU Trade: Mutual Support for Growth & Jobs China 26 Jan 2015
EU and Vietnam hold eleventh round of FTA talks Vietnam 23 Jan 2015
EU-Kazakhstan Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement Kazakhstan 20 Jan 2015
Commissioner Malmström speech in Vienna – Three reasons why TTIP is good for Austria United States 20 Jan 2015
WTO Appellate Body condemns Argentina’s import restrictions Dispute settlement 15 Jan 2015
Report presented today: Consultation on investment protection in EU-US trade talks United States 13 Jan 2015
Question and Answers on the results of the public consultation Investment 13 Jan 2015
Meetings of Commissioners and Turkish Minister of Economy discussed EU-Turkey trade relations Turkey 09 Jan 2015
European Commission publishes TTIP legal texts as part of transparency initiative United States 07 Jan 2015
Now online - EU negotiating texts in TTIP United States 07 Jan 2015

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