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Title Topic Date
Trade: Mauritania signs the regional Economic Partnership Agreement between West Africa and the EU Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 21 Sep 2018
One year on EU-Canada trade agreement delivers positive results Canada 20 Sep 2018
EU Trade Commissioner and Members of the Governments of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine met in Brussels Agreements 20 Sep 2018
European Commission presents comprehensive approach for the modernisation of the World Trade Organisation The EU and the WTO 18 Sep 2018
Implementation of the Sustainable Development chapter in trade agreements - DAGs and Joint meetings Sustainable development 12 Sep 2018
EU Chief Negotiator updates civil society on state of negotiations with Mercosur trade bloc Mercosur 06 Sep 2018
Commission decides not to extend trade defence measures on solar panels from China Actions against imports into the EU 31 Aug 2018
The Gambia signs the region-to-region Economic Partnership Agreement between West Africa and the EU Economic Partnerships 09 Aug 2018
Europe that protects: Commission reports on its efforts to tackle unfair trade Trade defence 31 Jul 2018
Trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand: Commission releases first negotiating proposals Agreements 30 Jul 2018
Joint EU-U.S. Statement following President Juncker’s visit to the White House United States 26 Jul 2018
Report of the 18th round of negotiations for the EU-China Investment Agreement China 24 Jul 2018
Commission reports on latest negotiation rounds and proposals with Indonesia and China China 24 Jul 2018
EU and New Zealand complete first round of trade negotiations New Zealand 23 Jul 2018
Malmstrom - The global order cannot be taken for granted Policy 19 Jul 2018
The texts proposed by the EU for the trade deal with Indonesia Indonesia 19 Jul 2018
Commission imposes provisional safeguard measures on imports of steel products Actions against imports into the EU 18 Jul 2018
EU and Japan sign Economic Partnership Agreement Japan 17 Jul 2018
Commission unveils new tool to show EU towns and cities exporting to Japan Japan 16 Jul 2018
Cambodia: EU mission assesses human rights and labour situation Cambodia 12 Jul 2018
Commission engages with stakeholders in meeting of the Advisory Group on EU Trade Agreements Expert group on Trade Agreements 11 Jul 2018
EU-Japan investment negotiations Japan 11 Jul 2018
EU and Australia complete first round of trade negotiations Australia 09 Jul 2018
European Commission opens application procedure for new expert group on patents Intellectual property 06 Jul 2018
EU to implement provisional safeguard measures on steel following US tariffs United States 06 Jul 2018
Commission welcomes Council green light for EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement Japan 06 Jul 2018
EU comments on US section 232 Cars investigation United States 02 Jul 2018
International meeting in Brussels to end trade in torture instruments Sustainable development 29 Jun 2018
Ghent wins first EU Fair and Ethical Trade City Award Sustainable development 27 Jun 2018
Trade barriers: EU removes record number in response to surge in protectionism Accessing markets 26 Jun 2018
EU and Vietnam finalise trade and investment discussions Vietnam 26 Jun 2018
EU and China discuss economic and trade relations at the 7th High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue China 25 Jun 2018
EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström to attend meeting of the Bangladesh Sustainability Compact in Brussels Bangladesh 25 Jun 2018
Transparency in action Agreements 22 Jun 2018
Commission reports on progress in trade talks with Chile and Mercosur Agreements 22 Jun 2018
EU and New Zealand launch trade negotiations New Zealand 21 Jun 2018
Towards an EU-New Zealand Trade Agreement New Zealand 21 Jun 2018
EU adopts rebalancing measures in reaction to US steel and aluminium tariffs United States 20 Jun 2018
Towards an EU-Australia Trade Agreement Australia 18 Jun 2018
EU and Australia launch talks for a broad trade agreement Australia 18 Jun 2018
Speech: Commissioner Malmström on the EU-Hong Kong Relations Hong-Kong SAR 14 Jun 2018
EU and Mercosur complete latest talks Mercosur 12 Jun 2018
EU trade defence: stronger and more effective rules enter into force Trade defence 07 Jun 2018
EU and Chile complete third round of trade negotiations Chile 06 Jun 2018
EU-US Trade: European Commission endorses rebalancing duties on US products United States 06 Jun 2018
Speech: Commissioner Malmström on prosperity, principles, and the relationship between Ukraine and the EU Ukraine 05 Jun 2018
EU and Tunisia complete second round of negotiations for deep and comprehensive trade agreement Tunisia 04 Jun 2018
EU launches WTO case against China’s unfair technology transfers China 01 Jun 2018
European Commission reacts to the US restrictions on steel and aluminium affecting the EU United States 31 May 2018
Malmström met Japanese Minister and US Trade Representative in Paris Policy making 31 May 2018
Commissioner Malmström meets with civil society organisations in Brussels Dialogues 28 May 2018
Speech: Changing Face of Trade Policy 28 May 2018
Commission announces shortlist for Fair and Ethical Trade city award Policy 24 May 2018
Commission welcomes green light to start trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand Agreements 22 May 2018
EU publishes list of US products for potential re-balancing duties Trade defence 18 May 2018
Speech: Poland - Free and Open Traders Policy 15 May 2018
WTO rejects vast majority of US claims in Airbus dispute Dispute settlement 15 May 2018
Commission statement following US announcement of an extension until 1 June of the EU’s exemption from US tariffs on steel and aluminium imports Trade defence 01 May 2018
EU-Japan investment negotiations: chief negotiators meet today to discuss next steps Japan 26 Apr 2018
New EU-Mexico agreement: The Agreement in Principle and its texts Mexico 26 Apr 2018
Speech: Commissioner Malmström’s address to the Committee of the Regions (CoR) Policy making 24 Apr 2018
Key features of the EU-Mexico trade agreement Mexico 21 Apr 2018
Mexico - factsheets Mexico 21 Apr 2018
EU and Mexico reach new agreement on trade Mexico 21 Apr 2018
EU-Singapore trade and investment agreements (authentic texts as of April 2018) Singapore 18 Apr 2018
Factsheets about the EU-Singapore agreements Singapore 18 Apr 2018
European Commission proposes signature and conclusion of Japan and Singapore agreements Singapore 18 Apr 2018
Key elements of the EU-Singapore trade and investment agreements Singapore 18 Apr 2018
EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement: texts of the agreement Japan 18 Apr 2018
Speech: Commissioner Malmström on Viking traders, open societies and using EU trade to shape the world in Uppsala Policy 16 Apr 2018
Commission welcomes Council’s approval to modernised trade defence rules Trade defence 16 Apr 2018
Commission launches safeguard investigation into steel products to prevent trade diversion into the EU Trade defence 26 Mar 2018
CETA - Meetings and documents Canada 23 Mar 2018
Joint Statement on the launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area Development 22 Mar 2018
WTO confirms Russian duties on EU vans are illegal Dispute settlement 22 Mar 2018
Commissioner Malmström met US Secretary of Commerce Ross in Washington D.C. United States 21 Mar 2018
Commission welcomes adoption of negotiating directives for a multilateral investment court Dispute settlement 20 Mar 2018
The Multilateral Investment Court project Dispute settlement 20 Mar 2018
Taiwan opens market for pork from Italy Actions against exports from the EU 19 Mar 2018
Union for the Mediterranean promotes trade for a strengthened regional economic integration Euro-Mediterranean partnership 19 Mar 2018
Cecilia Malmström addresses Union for Mediterranean Ministerial Euro-Mediterranean partnership 19 Mar 2018
Commission reports on progress in trade talks with Mercosur and Indonesia Agreements 15 Mar 2018
Statements by Vice-President Katainen and Commissioner Malmström at the European Parliament on US decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium Trade defence 14 Mar 2018
China remains chief concern in latest EU report on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights Intellectual property 12 Mar 2018
Cecilia Malmström talked about sustainable development and value-based trade in Brussels Policy 12 Mar 2018
EU, Japan and US met in Brussels to discuss overcapacity, steel Policy 10 Mar 2018
European Commission outlines EU plan to counter US trade restrictions on steel and aluminium Trade defence 07 Mar 2018
Commission extends anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel products Trade defence 06 Mar 2018
EU halts trade barrier investigation after Turkey lifts restrictions on paper Trade barrier investigations 05 Mar 2018
Commissioner Malmström visits Singapore to advance EU economic ties with South East Asia Singapore 02 Mar 2018
European Commission responds to the US restrictions on steel and aluminium affecting the EU Trade defence 01 Mar 2018
Commissioner Malmström unveils 15-point plan to make EU trade and sustainable development chapters more effective Sustainable development 27 Feb 2018
EU completes fourth round of trade negotiations with Indonesia Indonesia 26 Feb 2018
Trade Defence: Commission imposes definitive anti-dumping duties on Chinese corrosion resistant steel Trade defence 08 Feb 2018
EU-Chile trade talks: Commission releases its proposals and reports about progress Chile 06 Feb 2018
Mozambique joins the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Southern African States Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 05 Feb 2018
European Commission’s new expert group on EU trade agreements holds first meeting Expert groups 01 Feb 2018
Commission imposes measures on cast iron products from China Trade defence 31 Jan 2018
EU-Mexico trade negotiations - List of published textual proposals Mexico 25 Jan 2018
Commission reports on progress in EU-Mexico trade negotiations Mexico 25 Jan 2018
Commission welcomes progress in approval of the modernised EU’s trade defence rules Trade defence 23 Jan 2018
Speech: Commissioner Malmström spoke about value-based trade in Paris Policy 22 Jan 2018
Commission launches consultation on future “Counterfeit and Piracy watch-List” Intellectual property 22 Jan 2018
Commission applauds Council transparency in EU-Chile trade negotiations Chile 22 Jan 2018
EU trade policy encourages sustainable development and respect for human rights in vulnerable economies Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 19 Jan 2018
Second report on the effects of GSP and the special incentive arrangement for sustainable development and good governance (GSP+) covering 2016-2017 Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 19 Jan 2018
Report: EU trade schemes promote economic development and human rights Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 19 Jan 2018
Call for proposals for regulatory cooperation activities in the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF) under CETA Canada 18 Jan 2018
The EU and Mexico make progress in bridging remaining gaps in latest trade talks Mexico 15 Jan 2018

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