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Development | Brussels, 16 March 2010

Trade Conference - EU Trade Policy towards Developing Countries

How could EU trade policy take better account of developing countries’ needs and situations? What are the upcoming challenges and opportunities in a world shaped by new emerging economies? The Conference provided an opportunity for interested stakeholders to raise their opinion and participate in the debate.

The Conference was opened by the Commissioner for Trade together with the EU Presidency and the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on International Trade. It has put particular attention to the differentiation issue (larger emerging economies having different development needs than poor and vulnerable countries) and wider sustainability concerns.

The issue of trade and development is complex one and its potential scope is huge, touching on many different policy areas. However, the focus of the conference was predominantly on shaping future EU trade policy vis-à-vis developing countries, with a particular attention for the autonomous trade instruments and trade policy options (eg bilateral/ regional or multilateral negotiation) that the European Union has at hand.

Background document  - [FR] - [ES]
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Conference Background Note and Speakers' points
Summary of Proceedings

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Export Helpdesk is the online service provided by the European Commission to facilitate market access for developing countries to the EU. 

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