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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2017. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
The Multilateral Investment Court project en Dispute settlement 20 Oct 2017
The ACP and EU call for ambitious and concrete results ahead of WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires en Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 20 Oct 2017
Commissioner Malmström in South Africa to celebrate first anniversary of regional trade agreement en Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 17 Oct 2017
Commission publishes report and text proposals following fifth negotiating round with Mexico en Mexico 16 Oct 2017
Good news for European beef as more markets reduce restrictions en Accessing markets 10 Oct 2017
EU calls for ambition in Marrakech ahead of WTO Ministerial Conference en The EU and the WTO 09 Oct 2017
Commissioner Malmström meets with civil society on trade and sustainable development issues en Sustainable development 06 Oct 2017
EU leads the way by eliminating export subsidies ahead of WTO conference in Buenos Aires en The EU and the WTO 06 Oct 2017
Commission imposes anti-dumping measures on steel producers from four countries en Actions against imports into the EU 06 Oct 2017
The EU is changing its anti-dumping and anti-subsidy legislation to address state induced market distortions en Trade defence 05 Oct 2017
Commission welcomes agreement on new anti-dumping methodology en Trade defence 03 Oct 2017
EU and Mexico conclude fifth round of trade negotiations with good progress made en Mexico 02 Oct 2017
Commission publishes report and text proposals following third negotiation round with Indonesia en Indonesia 29 Sep 2017
Malmström spoke on Japan and dairy in Stockholm en Trade, Growth & Jobs 29 Sep 2017
Trade opening for Ukraine: Joint Statement by Commissioner Malmström and Deputy Minister Mykolska en Ukraine 29 Sep 2017
The texts proposed by the EU for the trade deal with Indonesia en Indonesia 29 Sep 2017
New Trade Helpdesk launched for businesses looking to export to the EU en Import into EU 26 Sep 2017
Launch of the Bilateral Map of Brazil-European Union Investment en Brazil 26 Sep 2017
Opening remarks by EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström at the ASEM Economic Ministers’ Meeting en Bilateral Trade Relations by region 22 Sep 2017
Malmström in South Korea: "Open trade is key to progress" en South Korea 21 Sep 2017
EU-Canada trade agreement enters into force en Canada 20 Sep 2017
CETA explained enfrde Canada 20 Sep 2017
58 countries join forces to stop trade in goods used for torture & death penalty en Sustainable development 18 Sep 2017
EU launches global Alliance for Torture-Free Trade en Sustainable development 18 Sep 2017
Commission finalises the interim review of trade defence measures on solar panels from China en Actions against imports into the EU 18 Sep 2017
State of the Union 2017 - Trade Package: Commission unveils initiatives for a balanced and progressive trade policy en Policy 14 Sep 2017
State of the Union 2017 - Trade Package: European Commission proposes framework for screening of foreign direct investments en Policy 14 Sep 2017
State of the EU 2017 - Trade package en Policy 14 Sep 2017
EU to launch global Alliance for Torture-Free Trade en Policy 07 Sep 2017
WTO reverses "prohibited" subsidies ruling, EU calls on US to respect obligations as main dispute continues en The EU and the WTO 04 Sep 2017
The EU wins WTO dispute challenging Brazil’s tax subsidies in the ICT, electronics and automotive sectors en WTO cases 30 Aug 2017
The European Commission and ITC launch a call for input for the Fair and Ethical Trade award en Sustainable development 14 Aug 2017
The European Commission imposes provisional anti-dumping duties on steel products from China en Actions against imports into the EU 11 Aug 2017
Commission publishes reports following negotiation rounds with Mexico and Mercosur en Mexico 18 Jul 2017
EU-Mexico trade negotiations - List of published textual proposals en Mexico 18 Jul 2017
EU and Brazil join forces for global level-playing field in farm subsidies en Doha Development Agenda 17 Jul 2017
European Commission starts a debate on Trade and Sustainable Development in EU Trade Agreements en Sustainable development 11 Jul 2017
Speech: Commissioner Malmström hails ’strategic alliance’ with Japan en Japan 11 Jul 2017
UN agrees to start work on multilateral reform of investment dispute settlement en Dispute settlement 10 Jul 2017
Mercosur – EU joint communique, XXVIII negotiating round en Mercosur 07 Jul 2017
EU and Japan reach agreement in principle on Economic Partnership Agreement en Japan 06 Jul 2017
Key elements of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement - Memo en Japan 06 Jul 2017
Factsheets about the agreement enfrdeesitpl Japan 06 Jul 2017
Handelsabkommen EU-Japan: Dokumente zur Grundsatzeinigung deesitplenfr Japan 06 Jul 2017
WTO report welcomes the EU’s engagement in the WTO and its strong call to resist protectionism en The EU and the WTO 05 Jul 2017
Commissioner Malmström on the benefits of open trade with Mercosur en Mercosur 03 Jul 2017
Malmström optimistic following Tokyo trade talks en Japan 03 Jul 2017
EU and ITC launch EuroMed Trade Helpdesk to boost trade in Mediterranean region en Euro-Mediterranean partnership 30 Jun 2017
EU Commissioners Malmström and Hogan in Japan for endgame in trade talks en Japan 30 Jun 2017
Speech: making trade work for workers en Policy 28 Jun 2017
Report: Protectionism on the Rise, EU Successful in Countering Barriers en Accessing markets 26 Jun 2017
Speech: How trade policy benefits business en Policy 22 Jun 2017
Commission adjusts imports surveillance rules for steel en Trade defence 21 Jun 2017
The power of trade, empowering women en Policy 20 Jun 2017
Multilateral trade rules prove once more their effectiveness against unfairly high tariffs for EU exports en Dispute settlement 20 Jun 2017
EU secures another important win in the WTO Boeing Dispute en Dispute settlement 09 Jun 2017
The European Commission imposes duties to counter Chinese steel subsidies en Trade defence 09 Jun 2017
Speech: Strengthening EU-China trade relations en China 02 Jun 2017
Commissioner Malmström addresses civil society en Trade policy and you 29 May 2017
Commissioner Malmström in Hamburg: "Trade in a protectionist world" en Policy 23 May 2017
"Build bridges, not walls!", says EU Trade Commissioner en Policy 22 May 2017
Bangladesh urged to step up its effort to improve workers’ rights in the garment industry en Bangladesh 18 May 2017
EU grants Sri Lanka improved access to its market as incentive for reform en Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 17 May 2017
EU Trade Commissioner in Mexico: “Trade deal possible by year’s end" enes Mexico 08 May 2017
EU Trade Commissioner Malmström travels to Mexico to discuss ongoing trade negotiations en Mexico 05 May 2017
Showcasing New Trade and Business Opportunities for Jordan and the EU en Jordan 03 May 2017
Commissioner Malmström promotes responsible trade in conflict minerals en Raw materials 02 May 2017
Negotiations this week on EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement en Myanmar 28 Apr 2017
Commission publishes report following latest round of trade talks with Japan en Japan 28 Apr 2017
Commissioner Malmström in Denmark and Sweden to discuss EU trade policy and participate in a Citizens’ Dialogue en Policy 27 Apr 2017
Commissioner Malmström in Washington D.C. en Policy 24 Apr 2017
Commissioner Malmström discusses trade policy with consumer organisations en Dialogues 21 Apr 2017
Transparency in action en Agreements 20 Apr 2017
EU and Norway conclude negotiations to enhance trade of agricultural products en Norway 15 Apr 2017
Good Progress in Third Round of EU-Mexico Trade Negotiations en Mexico 10 Apr 2017
Commission publishes latest round report and EU proposals for trade agreement with Mercosur en Mercosur 10 Apr 2017
EU and Japan conclude 18th round of trade talks en Japan 10 Apr 2017
Commissioner Malmström highlights benefits of trade in Warsaw en Canada 07 Apr 2017
EU and Australia one step closer to launching trade negotiations en Australia 06 Apr 2017
Speech: Commissioner Malmström outlines progressive trade policy to civil society en Policy 29 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström speaks about progressive trade policy in Zagreb en Policy 28 Mar 2017
Joint EU-Mercosur Communiqué Following the XXVIIth Round of Negotiations en Mercosur 27 Mar 2017
Commission Malmström outlines benefits of Canadian trade deal for Germany en Canada 22 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström in Canada to discuss CETA preparations and EU trade agenda en Canada 20 Mar 2017
EU-Philippines trade negotiations en Philippines 17 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström welcomes Parliament’s approval to stop trade in minerals financing armed conflicts en Conflict Minerals regulation 16 Mar 2017
EU and ASEAN gear up for possible re-launch of trade talks en ASEAN 10 Mar 2017
EU and Singapore affirm commitment to putting free trade deal in place en Singapore 08 Mar 2017
Chile opens its market to EU beef exports en Chile 08 Mar 2017
EU and New Zealand move a step further in expanding trade links en New Zealand 07 Mar 2017
Commission adopts updated EU-US agreement on mutual recognition of inspections of medicine manufacturers en Trade 02 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström welcomes stakeholder input on ways to protect investment en Dispute settlement 27 Feb 2017
WTO confirms Russian pork ban is illegal en WTO cases 23 Feb 2017
EU welcomes entry into force of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement en The EU and the WTO 22 Feb 2017
Commissioner Malmström and Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs confirm commitment for an early conclusion of EU-Japan FTA negotiations en Japan 17 Feb 2017
European Commission welcomes Parliament’s support of trade deal with Canada en Canada 15 Feb 2017
CETA - a trade deal that sets a new standard for global trade en Canada 15 Feb 2017
European Parliament Debates EU-Canada Partnership en Canada 15 Feb 2017
Commission publishes negotiating proposals for EU-Indonesia trade deal en Indonesia 07 Feb 2017
Malmström discusses EU-China business ties en China 06 Feb 2017
EU and Mexico agree to accelerate trade talks en Mexico 01 Feb 2017
European Commission imposes anti-dumping duties on steel products from China and Taiwan en Trade defence 27 Jan 2017
WTO rules in favour of the EU in dispute on Russian duties on light commercial vehicles en Dispute settlement 27 Jan 2017
Speech: The future of EU trade policy en Policy 24 Jan 2017
EU and US publish TTIP state of play assessment en United States 17 Jan 2017
Commission proposes increased market access for Sri Lanka as reform incentive en Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 10 Jan 2017
Protocol of Accession of Ecuador to the EU-Colombia/Peru Trade Agreement en Andean Community 01 Jan 2017

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