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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2015. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
EU to use its chairmanship of TiSA talks on services to push for major progress en Goods and services 30 Nov 2015
Commissioner Malmström: Trade can help address global challenges like climate change, development en Trade, Growth & Jobs 30 Nov 2015
EU leads efforts to tackle agricultural export competition at 10th WTO Ministerial Conference en Doha Development Agenda 27 Nov 2015
Commissioner Malmström to discuss current trade topics with Member States’ ministers en EU position in world trade 26 Nov 2015
Commissioner Malmström and Minister Ulyukaev prepare 1 December trilateral talks on the implementation of the EU/Ukraine DCFTA en Ukraine 23 Nov 2015
EU announces easier access for services exports from Least-Developed Countries en Goods and services 18 Nov 2015
The EU and other OECD partners agree on trade measures supporting cleaner energy en Sustainable development 18 Nov 2015
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström on TTIP and social partners en United States 17 Nov 2015
Transatlantic Economic Council: Cooperation on Innovation for Growth en United States 16 Nov 2015
Transparency in action en Agreements 16 Nov 2015
EU finalises proposal for investment protection and Court System for TTIP en United States 12 Nov 2015
Commissioner Malmström in Ukraine en Ukraine 12 Nov 2015
TTIP transparency: Commission publishes detailed report on 11th round of talks en United States 06 Nov 2015
Cheaper medicines for the least developed countries – Commission welcomes the WTO decision en The EU and the WTO 06 Nov 2015
Economic partnership with EU vital for Nigeria’s development, says Commissioner Malmström en Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 05 Nov 2015
EU to pursue the most ambitious sustainable development, labour and environment provisions in TTIP en United States 05 Nov 2015
Trade leaders of New Zealand and the EU meet to discuss free trade agreement en New Zealand 29 Oct 2015
11th round of TTIP talks brought progress in most areas of the negotiations en United States 23 Oct 2015
Speech: Trade for All - First discussion with civil society organisations en Policy making 22 Oct 2015
Malmström in Chisinau to discuss EU-Moldova trade cooperation en Moldova 21 Oct 2015
Malmström meets Ministers from Africa, Caribbean and Pacific, preparing WTO Conference en Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 20 Oct 2015
European beef producers resume exports to Canada en Canada 20 Oct 2015
Commissioner Malmström on TTIP and Trade for All at the College of Europe en Policy making 19 Oct 2015
Commissioner Malmström meets Parliament on new trade strategy en Policy making 16 Oct 2015
Speech: Commissioner Malmström puts case for TTIP in Romania en United States 16 Oct 2015
Trade for All: European Commission presents new trade and investment strategy en Policy 14 Oct 2015
EU to launch trade negotiation with Tunisia en Tunisia 13 Oct 2015
EU-Tunisia Deep and Comprehensive Free trade Agreement (DCFTA) en Tunisia 13 Oct 2015
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström meets Georgian Deputy Prime Minister en Georgia 08 Oct 2015
Commissioner Malmström met Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng to take stock of investment talks en China 07 Oct 2015
The EU ratifies WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement en The EU and the WTO 05 Oct 2015
Malmström met with the Minister-President of Wallonia enfr United States 02 Oct 2015
Speech: TTIP and Beyond: EU Trade Policy in the 21st Century en United States 25 Sep 2015
Commissioner Malmström outlines EU trade agenda to Liberal International en Investment 25 Sep 2015
Malmström and Froman discussed upcoming TTIP negotiations en United States 22 Sep 2015
EU and Japan continue working towards open trade en Japan 18 Sep 2015
Commission proposes new Investment Court System for TTIP and other EU trade and investment negotiations enfrde Investment 16 Sep 2015
Reading Guide to the Draft text on Investment Protection and Investment Court System in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) en Investment 16 Sep 2015
European Commission supports better access to medicines in poorest countries en Access to medicines 11 Sep 2015
The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement gets the EU Parliament’s green light en The EU and the WTO 09 Sep 2015
The Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA): Liberalising trade in environmental goods and services en Sustainable development 08 Sep 2015
Outcome of the Trilateral Talks on the Implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement/Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area en Ukraine 07 Sep 2015
Trilateral Talks EU-Ukraine-Russia - State of Play en Ukraine 05 Aug 2015
EU and Vietnam reach agreement on free trade deal en Vietnam 04 Aug 2015
EU and Vietnam reach agreement on free trade deal en Vietnam 04 Aug 2015
Information about latest TTIP round available en United States 31 Jul 2015
European Commission welcomes Kazakhstan’s accession to the World Trade Organization en Kazakhstan 27 Jul 2015
Trillion-euro global high-tech trade deal agreed en The EU and the WTO 24 Jul 2015
Speech: The way ahead for the EU-Cariforum Economic Partnership Agreement en Economic Partnerships 16 Jul 2015
EU and Liberia sign deal on WTO accession en The EU and the WTO 16 Jul 2015
Protection des services publics dans le TTIP et les autres accords commerciaux de l’UE fresitplende United States 13 Jul 2015
Speech: Modernising Trade Policy - Effectiveness and Responsibility en Policy making 13 Jul 2015
Statement by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström on the European Parliament’s vote on the TTIP resolution en United States 08 Jul 2015
European Commission releases biennial report on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries en Intellectual property 08 Jul 2015
Trilateral talks on EU-Ukraine trade area en Ukraine 08 Jul 2015
Speech on TTIP to European Parliament: Jobs, growth, values, democracy en United States 07 Jul 2015
WTO report applauds the EU’s positive role in maintaining an open and transparent global trading system en The EU and the WTO 06 Jul 2015
TiSA partners to assess progress towards liberalisation of service markets en The EU and the WTO 03 Jul 2015
New Guidelines on the analysis of human rights impacts in impact assessments en Analysis 02 Jul 2015
European Commission launches online consultation on EU-Mexico FTA en Mexico 01 Jul 2015
Croatia to formally become part of the EU-Colombia/Peru Trade Agreement en Andean Community 30 Jun 2015
EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Authentic text as of May 2015 en Singapore 29 Jun 2015
17th EU-China summit in Brussels en China 29 Jun 2015
EU welcomes UNCTAD initiative to assist developing countries in ratification of the Trade Facilitation Agreement en Development 26 Jun 2015
Ministers from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries meet the European counterparts to discuss trade en Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 26 Jun 2015
Speech: European Trade Policy Day en Policy 23 Jun 2015
European Commission welcomes conclusion of negotiations on Kazakhstan’s accession to the WTO en Kazakhstan 22 Jun 2015
Speech: TTIP and Italy en United States 22 Jun 2015
Mercosur – European Union Ministerial Meeting - Joint Communiqué en Mercosur 11 Jun 2015
Speech: An integrated EU trade and foreign policy en Trade, Growth & Jobs 11 Jun 2015
Speech: TTIP and the Czech Republic en United States 05 Jun 2015
EU and Myanmar/Burma hold 2nd round of talks on investment protection agreement en Myanmar 04 Jun 2015
Speech: Commissioner Malmström underlines positive global & strategic impact of TTIP en United States 03 Jun 2015
Speech: EU Africa Trade: A new partnership en Development 03 Jun 2015
Speech: Green Goods: Promoting EU environmental objectives through trade en Sustainable development 03 Jun 2015
Over 31 million jobs across Europe supported by EU exports to the world, EU report says en Trade, Growth & Jobs 01 Jun 2015
Speech: Commissioner Malmström talks TTIP with national parliamentarians en United States 01 Jun 2015
EU Commissioner Malmström on Japan trade deal: "Have to be ambitious on substance as well as timing" en Japan 29 May 2015
Trade Commissioner Malmström travelling to Japan en Japan 27 May 2015
Outcome of the Trilateral Consultations on the Implementation of the EU-Ukraine AA/DCFTA en Ukraine 18 May 2015
EU-Vietnam: Policymakers and stakeholders discuss trade, development and human rights en Vietnam 12 May 2015
Speech at Belgium’s Parliament: EU Trade policy driven by people’s needs en Trade, Growth & Jobs 12 May 2015
EU and Turkey announce modernisation of Custom Union en Turkey 12 May 2015
Commissioner will upgrade EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement en Mexico 11 May 2015
Joint statement on the EU’s participation in the Myanmar labour rights initiative en Myanmar 07 May 2015
Commissioner Malmström consulted the European Parliament on reforms of investment dispute resolution in TTIP and beyond en United States 06 May 2015
Commission publishes updated EU textual proposal on regulatory cooperation in TTIP negotiations en United States 04 May 2015
Speech: Future EU Trade Policy: Achieving Europe’s Strategic Goals en United States 04 May 2015
EU and Japan held a constructive 10th round of FTA negotiations en Japan 29 Apr 2015
Trade news – Visit of Commissioner Malmström to Kuala Lumpur (25-26 April 2015) en Malaysia 24 Apr 2015
Bangladesh’s labour right progress two years after Rana Plaza tragedy en Bangladesh 24 Apr 2015
Joint Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh en Bangladesh 24 Apr 2015
TTIP Round 9 - final day press conference en United States 24 Apr 2015
Speech: Remembering Rana Plaza: What next? en Bangladesh 22 Apr 2015
Speech: Working Together for the Right Kind of TTIP en United States 22 Apr 2015
New report shows major potential of TTIP for smaller companies en United States 20 Apr 2015
EU Trade Policy: Why should European Citizens care? en Trade, Growth & Jobs 17 Apr 2015
EU to chair the next round of plurilateral talks on services en Goods and services 13 Apr 2015
EU and Vietnam hold twelfth round of FTA talks en Vietnam 27 Mar 2015
Speech TTIP: Why Ireland Needs It en United States 27 Mar 2015
Reports: Trade as a powerful engine for growth and jobs in Europe en Trade, Growth & Jobs 26 Mar 2015
Speech: The Commission’s Future Trade Strategy en Policy 23 Mar 2015
A trade and investment strategy for jobs and growth en Policy 20 Mar 2015
Malmström and Froman discussed way forward in TTIP en United States 20 Mar 2015
Speech: Trade in the 21st century: The challenge of regulatory convergence en United States 19 Mar 2015
Trade and investment barriers persist despite prospects of global recovery, says EU report en Accessing markets 19 Mar 2015
Speech: Remarks at the European Parliament on Investment in TTIP en Investment 18 Mar 2015
EU welcomes more transparency in investor-to-state dispute settlement globally en Investment 17 Mar 2015
Speech: EU-Japan FTA: opportunities and challenges en Japan 13 Mar 2015
Speech: Open Markets and European Recovery en Trade, Growth & Jobs 13 Mar 2015
Speech: TTIP On Track en United States 12 Mar 2015
Trade in Services Agreement: ’The mandate shows that our high standards in public services will be upheld’ – says Malmström en Goods and services 10 Mar 2015
EU donates over €2 million to increase participation of developing countries in trade negotiations en Aid for trade 06 Mar 2015
Speech: The Future of Trade Policy and the Retail Sector en Trade, Growth & Jobs 05 Mar 2015
European Commission to request a Court of Justice opinion on the trade deal with Singapore en Singapore 04 Mar 2015
Speech: Bringing Trade up to Speed en Trade, Growth & Jobs 03 Mar 2015
EU-Japan 9th round of trade talks further consolidates negotiation texts en Japan 27 Feb 2015
EU requests WTO dispute settlement panel over Russia’s excessive import duties en Dispute settlement 26 Feb 2015
Speech: TTIP: Freedom and Responsibility en United States 23 Feb 2015
Transatlantic Economic Council: Cooperation on Innovation and Growth en United States 18 Feb 2015
EU-Ecuador trade negotiations en Andean Community 17 Feb 2015
Speech: Transatlantic and Global Trade, and Security en United States 16 Feb 2015
Speech: TTIP: On Course to Deliver for the UK en United States 16 Feb 2015
EU wins a WTO dispute on Chinese anti-dumping duties en The EU and the WTO 13 Feb 2015
European Union and Myanmar/Burma conclude first round of talks en Myanmar 12 Feb 2015
TTIP: Subsidiarity and other shared transatlantic principles en United States 12 Feb 2015
Textes de négociation de l’UE dans le cadre du TTIP fresplenitde United States 10 Feb 2015
TTIP: How Europe Can Deliver en United States 05 Feb 2015
European Commission reaffirms commitment to protecting public services in trade agreements en Goods and services 05 Feb 2015
EU offers Least Developed Countries preferential market access for services en The EU and the WTO 05 Feb 2015
Speech: Why TTIP is good for Germany en United States 02 Feb 2015
European Commission pushes for full transparency for ISDS in current investment treaties en Investment 29 Jan 2015
The European Commission tables proposals to improve transparency in Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) based on existing investment treaties en Investment 29 Jan 2015
Speech: Trade, Development and Fairness en Development 27 Jan 2015
Speech: Commissioner Malmström’ s visit of Spanish Members of Parliament en Trade 26 Jan 2015
Speech: China-EU Trade: Mutual Support for Growth & Jobs en China 26 Jan 2015
EU and Vietnam hold eleventh round of FTA talks en Vietnam 23 Jan 2015
EU-Kazakhstan Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement en Kazakhstan 20 Jan 2015
Commissioner Malmström speech in Vienna – Three reasons why TTIP is good for Austria en United States 20 Jan 2015
El Órgano de Apelación de la OMC condena las restricciones a la importación de Argentina esen Dispute settlement 15 Jan 2015
Report presented today: Consultation on investment protection in EU-US trade talks en United States 13 Jan 2015
Ergebnisse der öffentlichen Konsultation – Fragen und Antworten deenfr Investment 13 Jan 2015
Meetings of Commissioners and Turkish Minister of Economy discussed EU-Turkey trade relations en Turkey 09 Jan 2015
European Commission publishes TTIP legal texts as part of transparency initiative en United States 07 Jan 2015

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