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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2020. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
Korea labour commitments - Postponement of the hearing Bilateral disputes 31 Mar 2020
EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) - Meetings and documents South Korea 31 Mar 2020
Ukraine wood export ban: panel timeline under COVID-19 Bilateral disputes 27 Mar 2020
EU and 15 World Trade Organization members establish contingency appeal arrangement for trade disputes Dispute settlement 27 Mar 2020
Coronavirus: Commission issues guidelines to protect critical European assets and technology in current crisis Enforcement and protection 25 Mar 2020
Commission publishes guidance on export requirements for personal protective equipment Import and export rules 20 Mar 2020
EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) - Meetings and documents Japan 19 Mar 2020
Commission moves to ensure supply of personal protective equipment in the European Union Policy 15 Mar 2020
Commission ensures continuation of trade defence procedures despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19 outbreak Trade defence 13 Mar 2020
Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) - Meetings and documents Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 21 Feb 2020
WTO Members assess EU’s track record on trade policy The EU and the WTO 18 Feb 2020
Commissioner Hogan announces new transparency package Agreements 18 Feb 2020
Trade enforcement: EU requests WTO panels with India and Colombia on ICT products and frozen fries Dispute settlement 17 Feb 2020
Commission decides to partially withdraw Cambodia’s preferential access to the EU market Cambodia 12 Feb 2020
Commission welcomes European Parliament’s approval of EU-Vietnam trade and investment agreements Vietnam 12 Feb 2020
Trade preferences boost developing countries’ exports to the European Union Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 10 Feb 2020
EU-Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA5) EPA deepening negotiations Economic Partnerships 05 Feb 2020
Arbitration panel established on Ukraine’s wood export ban – deadline for submissions Dispute settlement 04 Feb 2020
Keynote address by Commissioner Phil Hogan at the Centre for European Reform Policy 04 Feb 2020
Applications for the EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade award now open Sustainable development 04 Feb 2020
First year of EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement shows growth in EU exports Japan 31 Jan 2020
EU and 16 WTO members agree to work together on an interim appeal arbitration arrangement Dispute settlement 24 Jan 2020
Speech: The EU and China: Addressing the Systemic Challenge Policy 20 Jan 2020
Commission reports on latest negotiating rounds with Indonesia and New Zealand Agreements 17 Jan 2020
EU and five Eastern and Southern African countries kick off negotiations to deepen trade relations Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 17 Jan 2020
EU, U.S. and Japan agree on new ways to strengthen global rules on industrial subsidies WTO cases 14 Jan 2020
EU-Colombia/Ecuador/Peru Committees and Dialogues Andean Community 10 Jan 2020
European Commission steps up protection of European intellectual property in global markets Intellectual property 09 Jan 2020

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