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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2014. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
EU requests WTO consultations on extension of State of Washington subsidies to Boeing 777x Dispute settlement 19 Dec 2014
Malmström welcomes Parliament’s green light for EU-Georgia trade area Georgia 18 Dec 2014
Initialling of EU Trade Agreement with Ecuador Andean Community 12 Dec 2014
Commissioner Malmström: ’TTIP is more than just a trade negotiation’ – Speech United States 11 Dec 2014
European Commission welcomes Seychelles’ accession to the World Trade Organisation Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 10 Dec 2014
Commissioner Malmström visits Washington D.C. United States 08 Dec 2014
Transcript of Press Point with U.S. Trade Representative Froman and EU Commissioner for Trade Malmström United States 08 Dec 2014
’The WTO is back in business’ – statement by Cecilia Malmström, EU Trade Commissioner The EU and the WTO 27 Nov 2014
Opening the windows: Commission commits to enhanced transparency in TTIP United States 25 Nov 2014
Chemicals in TTIP - new ideas for working together United States 21 Nov 2014
EU supports implementation of Bali agreement The EU and the WTO 20 Nov 2014
Background note – Foreign Affairs Council Policy 20 Nov 2014
Commission to further boost TTIP transparency United States 19 Nov 2014
Global trade increasingly obstructed, EU Report says Accessing markets 17 Nov 2014
The Bali Trade agreements: ’The breakthrough puts wind into the sails of global trade’ - statement by Cecilia Malmström Doha Development Agenda 13 Nov 2014
Commission welcomes breakthrough in trade talks on Information Technology Goods and services 11 Nov 2014
EU Trade Commissioner Malmström visits Berlin United States 10 Nov 2014
First civil society organisations meeting related to the EU-Central America Association Agreement Central America 10 Nov 2014
Commissioner Cecilia Malmström travels to Berlin on Monday 10 November Trade 06 Nov 2014
EU requests WTO consultations with Russia over excessive import duties Dispute settlement 31 Oct 2014
EU requests WTO panel on Brazil’s discriminatory taxes Dispute settlement 31 Oct 2014
Singapore: The Commission to Request a Court of Justice Opinion on the trade deal Singapore 30 Oct 2014
EU-Japan FTA talks advance further Japan 24 Oct 2014
Commission updates EU control list on dual use items Dual use controls 22 Oct 2014
EU and China settle the telecoms case at the Joint Committee Trade defence 20 Oct 2014
Labour rights and safety in Bangladeshi textile industry – the Commission publishes joint conclusions on progress of the Bangladesh Sustainability Compact Bangladesh 20 Oct 2014
EU and Singapore conclude investment talks Singapore 17 Oct 2014
EU strikes a comprehensive trade deal with East African Community Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 16 Oct 2014
EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht meets Ukraine minister Klimkin Ukraine 09 Oct 2014
TTIP: ’I’m delighted that EU governments decided to make the TTIP negotiating mandate public’ – says EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht United States 09 Oct 2014
Canada opens market for Belgian pears Export from EU 08 Oct 2014
’No change to EU rules on dangerous chemicals via TTIP’ United States 03 Oct 2014
EU-US trade – 7th round of talks on transatlantic trade pact ends in the US United States 03 Oct 2014
EU and Vietnam complete ninth round of FTA talks Vietnam 29 Sep 2014
EU and Ecuador publish text of trade agreement Andean Community 23 Sep 2014
EU chairs next round of plurilateral talks on services Goods and services 19 Sep 2014
EU agreed to postpone provisional application of the trade part of the Association Agreement with Ukraine Ukraine 16 Sep 2014
EU requests WTO Panel on Anti-Dumping duties on Light Commercial Vehicles The EU and the WTO 15 Sep 2014
EU agrees rules to manage investor-state disputes Investment 28 Aug 2014
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) United States 27 Aug 2014
EU welcomes WTO ruling against Argentinian measures on imports The EU and the WTO 22 Aug 2014
The Bali Decisions: Trade Facilitation, Development and Food Security - an Opportunity for all WTO Members Doha Development Agenda 11 Aug 2014
WTO Appellate Body rules against Chinese restrictions on access to rare earths and other raw materials Raw materials 07 Aug 2014
WTO Appellate Body confirms: China’s export restrictions on rare earths and other raw materials illegal Raw materials 07 Aug 2014
Statement by Karel De Gucht on Trade Facilitation Agreement The EU and the WTO 04 Aug 2014
Commission publishes summary state of play in TTIP negotiations – latest version now available United States 29 Jul 2014
The EU and Cameroon implement an economic partnership agreement Economic Partnerships 28 Jul 2014
EU statement on the implementation of the Bali ministerial decisions The EU and the WTO 24 Jul 2014
The EU publishes TiSA position papers Goods and services 22 Jul 2014
EU welcomes a new WTO fund to support developing countries’ customs reforms The EU and the WTO 22 Jul 2014
Southern African region and the EU complete negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement Economic Partnerships 22 Jul 2014
Transatlantic Working Group discusses Intellectual Property Rights United States 18 Jul 2014
EU-US trade – latest round of talks on transatlantic trade pact ends in Brussels United States 18 Jul 2014
The EU and Fiji implement the Pacific interim Economic Partnership Agreement Economic Partnerships 18 Jul 2014
EU and Ecuador conclude negotiations for trade and development agreement Andean Community 17 Jul 2014
Investment protection and ISDS in TTIP - EU starts reviewing survey results United States 14 Jul 2014
West African leaders back Economic Partnership Agreement with EU Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 11 Jul 2014
Commission publishes state of play of TTIP negotiations ahead of 6th round of talks United States 11 Jul 2014
Protecting EU governments’ right to regulate public healthcare in TTIP United States 11 Jul 2014
EU-Japan talks on track after the one-year-on review Japan 11 Jul 2014
EU welcomes new UN Convention on transparency for investor-state dispute settlement Investment 10 Jul 2014
Join the EU’s TTIP negotiators live on Twitter on Friday 11 July United States 10 Jul 2014
Joint press statement on the EU-Morocco negotiations Morocco 09 Jul 2014
EU launches negotiations on environmental trade agreement Sustainable development 08 Jul 2014
Staying Engaged: Bangladesh Sustainability Compact – one year on Bangladesh 08 Jul 2014
Protecting public services in TTIP and other EU trade agreements United States 04 Jul 2014
The ’Green Goods Initiative’: Liberalising trade in environmental goods and services Sustainable development 03 Jul 2014
WTO Review: EU calls on China to deepen reforms and further open up economy. The EU and the WTO 01 Jul 2014
Commission presents actions to better protect and enforce intellectual property rights Intellectual property 01 Jul 2014
EU and Vietnam make good progress on FTA talks Vietnam 30 Jun 2014
SME survey: Help us ensure a new EU-US trade deal benefits Europe’s smaller firms United States 23 Jun 2014
EU-US trade talks – 6th round to start on 14 July United States 18 Jun 2014
EU-Russia technical meeting: effects of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement/Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area on Russia’s economy Ukraine 17 Jun 2014
EU-Ecuador negotiations progress Andean Community 16 Jun 2014
Commissioner De Gucht at the Wrocław Global Forum 2014 United States 06 Jun 2014
Commission launches public consultation on trade in environmental goods (“Green Goods Initiative”) Consultations 05 Jun 2014
Latest Trade Defence Report reveals significant increase in trade defence actions taken by third countries against EU exports Trade defence 04 Jun 2014
EU Trade spokesman in response to the Press Release by Arnaud Montebourg following today’s Competitiveness Council Trade defence 26 May 2014
Commissioner De Gucht discusses EU-US trade talks in German Bundesrat United States 22 May 2014
WTO upholds EU ban on seal products Dispute settlement 22 May 2014
EU Requests WTO Consultations with Russia concerning Anti-Dumping Duties on Light Commercial Vehicles Trade defence 21 May 2014
Ensuring transparency in EU-US trade talks: EU publishes negotiating positions in five more areas United States 14 May 2014
Stakeholder meeting on investment protection in the TTIP United States 13 May 2014
How do the EU and the US regulate? New study to feed the EU-US trade negotiations United States 13 May 2014
EU and US negotiators kick off a fifth round of talks on a new trade and investment pact (TTIP) United States 12 May 2014
EU adopts stronger rules to better defend its rights under trade agreements Dispute settlement 08 May 2014
The Review of export control policy: ensuring security and competitiveness in a changing world Dual use controls 07 May 2014
EU backs Uruguay joining talks on Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Goods and services 02 May 2014
EU-US trade talks – 5th round to start in the US on 19 May United States 29 Apr 2014
Rana Plaza tragedy – one year on: Statement by John Clancy, Spokesperson of EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht Bangladesh 24 Apr 2014
EU challenges Russia in the WTO over pork import ban Dispute settlement 08 Apr 2014
EU and Japan exchange offers to open markets Japan 04 Apr 2014
European Commission to fund new international transparency database for Investor-to-state disputes (ISDS) Investment 01 Apr 2014
A Step Forward in the EU-Ecuador Trade Talks Andean Community 31 Mar 2014
EU SMEs and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership United States 31 Mar 2014
European Commission launches public online consultation on investor protection in TTIP Investment 27 Mar 2014
Chinese restrictions on access to rare earths and other raw materials - WTO rules in EU’s favour Raw materials 26 Mar 2014
WTO confirms China’s export restrictions on rare earths and other raw materials incompatible with WTO rules Raw materials 26 Mar 2014
EU and China hold investment talks ahead of President Xi Jinping visit to Brussels China 24 Mar 2014
European Commission welcomes agreement reached between European and Chinese wine industries which will put an end to China’s anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases Trade defence 21 Mar 2014
EU and Myanmar/Burma to negotiate an investment protection agreement Myanmar 20 Mar 2014
EU reports about progress in fight against protectionism Accessing markets 20 Mar 2014
Trade Defence Instruments: European Commission welcomes EU industry’s agreement with China in the polysilicon anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases Trade defence 18 Mar 2014
Statement by EU Trade Spokesman John Clancy following today’s meeting between European Trade Commissioner De Gucht and Russian Minister of Economic Development Ulyukayev Russia 14 Mar 2014
EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht travels to South East Asia to boost trade ties with Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar ASEAN 14 Mar 2014
EU, U.S. trade – Negotiators explore ways to help SMEs take advantage of TTIP, as fourth round of talks ends in Brussels United States 14 Mar 2014
Survey on how to improve Civil Society Dialogue Dialogues 14 Mar 2014
European Commission proposes temporary tariff cuts for Ukrainian exports to the EU Ukraine 11 Mar 2014
EU, U.S. trade talks - negotiators hear from 90 representatives of environmental and consumer groups, business, and trades unions United States 11 Mar 2014
Negotiators meet for the fourth round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks United States 10 Mar 2014
EU proposes responsible trading strategy for minerals from conflict zones Raw materials 05 Mar 2014
EU-US trade talks – fourth round to start in Brussels on Monday 10 March United States 05 Mar 2014
China lifts anti-dumping duties on European X-ray security equipment Trade 26 Feb 2014
6th round TiSA talks end in Geneva Goods and services 24 Feb 2014
EU trade chief following EU-US trade deal stock taking: good progress, time to go the extra mile United States 18 Feb 2014
EU to chair plurilateral talks to open services markets Goods and services 17 Feb 2014
EU and Afghanistan sign deal on WTO accession The EU and the WTO 10 Feb 2014
EU-Japan Trade Talks Continue Japan 31 Jan 2014
Commissioner Karel De Gucht and East African ministers meet to discuss the EPA Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 30 Jan 2014
EU-US Trade Talks: EU and US announce 4th round of TTIP negotiations in March; Stocktaking meeting in Washington D.C. to precede next set of talks United States 28 Jan 2014
Expert group to advise European Commission on EU-US trade talks United States 27 Jan 2014
EU-US trade agreement: European Commission publishes EU negotiating position on financial services Goods and services 27 Jan 2014
WTO dispute on seals products gets into the phase of appeal WTO cases 24 Jan 2014
EU in joint launch of WTO negotiations for green goods agreement Sustainable development 24 Jan 2014
Commission to consult European public on provisions in EU-US trade deal on investment and investor-state dispute settlement Investment 21 Jan 2014
EU and China begin investment talks Investment 20 Jan 2014
EU and Vietnam hold sixth round of FTA talks Vietnam 17 Jan 2014
EU completes first round of trade talks with Ecuador Andean Community 17 Jan 2014
Commissioner De Gucht heads to Dakar to foster West Africa-EU Economic Partnership Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 17 Jan 2014

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