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Title Topic Date
Speech by EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan at Dublin business event Policy 06 Dec 2019
Implementation of the Trade and sustainable development (TSD) chapter in trade agreements - TSD committees and civil society meetings Sustainable development 05 Dec 2019
EU-Ghana endorse market access offer and schedule under Economic Partnership Agreement Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 03 Dec 2019
EU launches WTO challenge against Indonesian restrictions on raw materials Dispute settlement 22 Nov 2019
Commission publishes proposal for agreement on conformity assessment with United States United States 22 Nov 2019
Eurobarometer survey: Majority of EU citizens positive about international trade Policy 20 Nov 2019
European Union launches WTO trade dispute against Colombia’s unfair duties on frozen fries Enforcement and protection 15 Nov 2019
European Commission’s International Public Procurement Initiative to help enhance EU companies’ access to global procurement markets Public procurement 13 Nov 2019
Cambodia: European Commission finalises preliminary report on temporary suspension of trade preferences Cambodia 12 Nov 2019
Transparency in action Agreements 12 Nov 2019
Trade: EU-Singapore agreement to enter into force on 21 November 2019 Agreements 08 Nov 2019
European Commission welcomes continuation of Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity work Goods and services 29 Oct 2019
EU and Norway agree on interim appeal system in wake of World Trade Organization Appellate Body blockage Dispute settlement 21 Oct 2019
Statement by Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström on U.S. countermeasures in Airbus dispute Dispute settlement 18 Oct 2019
Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström visits the port of Rotterdam Enforcement and protection 15 Oct 2019
EU trade agreements: delivering new opportunities in times of global economic uncertainties Agreements 14 Oct 2019
Commission presents procedural proposals for the Investment Court System in CETA Canada 11 Oct 2019
The Multilateral Investment Court project Dispute settlement 10 Oct 2019
European Commission publishes draft interim Sustainability Impact Assessment report for the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement Mercosur 04 Oct 2019
EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) - Meetings and documents Japan 03 Oct 2019
EU-Chile trade talks: Commission releases its proposals and reports about progress Chile 02 Oct 2019
Statement on the publication of WTO’s award in the Airbus dispute Dispute settlement 02 Oct 2019
Commissioner Malmström hosts conference on Empowering Women through Trade Policy 30 Sep 2019
Commission decides to adjust the existing safeguards for steel The EU and the WTO 27 Sep 2019
Speech: EU-Canada trade agreement celebrates second anniversary Canada 20 Sep 2019
Speech: Commissioner Malmström on ’Truths about trade’ Policy 04 Sep 2019
European Commission adopts mandate to extend interim appeal arbitration arrangement The EU and the WTO 04 Sep 2019
Mercosur - factsheets Mercosur 22 Aug 2019
Commission proposes adjustments to the existing safeguards for steel The EU and the WTO 14 Aug 2019
Commission imposes countervailing duties on Indonesian biodiesel Trade defence 13 Aug 2019
EU requests WTO dispute settlement panel over Turkey’s measures on pharmaceuticals Dispute settlement 02 Aug 2019
Commission publishes latest updates on trade and investment talks with Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Chile and China Agreements 26 Jul 2019
Joint Statement by the European Union and Canada on an Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement Dispute settlement 25 Jul 2019
EU-U.S. trade talks – one year on, Commission presents progress report United States 25 Jul 2019
EU–Canada Summit: strengthening the rules-based international order Canada 18 Jul 2019
Energy Charter Treaty modernisation: Commission welcomes Council’s mandate Policy 15 Jul 2019
EU-Mercosur trade agreement: The Agreement in Principle and its texts Mercosur 12 Jul 2019
Commission engages with Civil Society on EU trade agenda and EU-US Executive Working Group Policy 10 Jul 2019
EU-U.S.: Call for proposals for regulatory cooperation activities - Replies Consultations 08 Jul 2019
EU and Kyrgyz Republic initial Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement Central Asia 06 Jul 2019
EU moves ahead with dispute settlement over workers’ rights in Republic of Korea South Korea 05 Jul 2019
EU extends trade defence rules to continental shelf and exclusive economic zones of Member States Trade defence 03 Jul 2019
EU-Viet Nam free trade agreement - Joint press statement by Commissioner Malmström and Minister Tran Tuan Anh Vietnam 30 Jun 2019
European Commission welcomes UN resolution on trade in torture tools Sustainable development 28 Jun 2019
EU and Mercosur reach agreement on trade Mercosur 28 Jun 2019
Key elements of the EU-Mercosur trade agreement Mercosur 28 Jun 2019
EU set to sign trade and investment agreements with Vietnam on Sunday Vietnam 25 Jun 2019
Screening of foreign direct investment Enforcement and protection 24 Jun 2019
EU asks for a panel with Ukraine on wood export ban Dispute settlement 21 Jun 2019
Barriers to trade: as protectionism rises, EU continues opening up export markets for European firms Accessing markets 17 Jun 2019
EU asks for formal consultations with Southern African Customs Union on trade in poultry South Africa 14 Jun 2019
EU sends monitoring mission to Cambodia to assess the human rights and labour rights situation Cambodia 11 Jun 2019
G20 Trade and Digital Economy Ministers adopt statement in Tsukuba The EU and the WTO 09 Jun 2019
EU and New Zealand complete fourth round of trade negotiations New Zealand 07 Jun 2019
European Union – Central America Association Agreement: Civil Society Forum Central America 06 Jun 2019
Commission reports on latest negotiating round with Tunisia Tunisia 05 Jun 2019
Study finds that sustainable sourcing is at the core of EU business considerations Sustainable development 24 May 2019
59 WTO partners step up commitments to help service suppliers Goods and services 23 May 2019
EU, Japan and US met in Paris The EU and the WTO 23 May 2019
Malmström in Kyiv for 2nd Informal Ministerial with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine Ukraine 21 May 2019
Energy Charter Treaty modernisation: European Commission presents draft negotiating directives Goods and services 14 May 2019
EU releases proposal on new WTO rules for electronic commerce Goods and services 03 May 2019
European Court of Justice confirms compatibility of Investment Court System with EU Treaties Dispute settlement 30 Apr 2019
WTO Boeing dispute: EU issues preliminary list of U.S. products considered for countermeasures Dispute settlement 17 Apr 2019
Commission reports on progress in trade talks with Chile and Australia Agreements 17 Apr 2019
EU, Latin America and the Caribbean: Partnering for prosperity, democracy, resilience and global governance Bilateral Trade Relations by region 17 Apr 2019
EU-U.S. Trade: Commission welcomes Council’s green light to start negotiations with the United States United States 15 Apr 2019
First EU-Japan Joint Committee meeting sets tone for successful implementation of Economic Partnership Agreement Japan 10 Apr 2019
EU foreign investment screening regulation enters into force Enforcement and protection 10 Apr 2019
Commissioner Malmström in Seoul to check up on EU-Korea trade agreement and push for improvements South Korea 09 Apr 2019
Commission releases detailed information on requirements for EU goods exported to the UK in case of a hard Brexit Market access for EU exporters 08 Apr 2019
Commission reports on latest negotiating rounds with Indonesia and Mercosur Agreements 05 Apr 2019
European Union launches WTO cases on ICT and pharmaceuticals Dispute settlement 02 Apr 2019
EU scores final victory in the WTO Boeing dispute Dispute settlement 29 Mar 2019
Report on EU trade defence – effective protection against unfair trade Trade defence 29 Mar 2019
Speech: Championing a fair game for agri-food trade Goods and services 21 Mar 2019
Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström’s second visit to Georgia highlights strong EU-Georgia ties Georgia 19 Mar 2019
EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström visits Ghent, winner of Fair and Ethical Trade City Award 2018 Policy 15 Mar 2019
Foreign direct investment report: continuous rise of foreign ownership of European companies in key sectors Investment 13 Mar 2019
Malmström calls for renewed transatlantic cooperation on trade United States 07 Mar 2019
Ex-post evaluation : trade agreement between the EU and the Republic of Korea shown to have increased EU exports by 43% South Korea 06 Mar 2019
The Commission reinforces procedural rights of parties in EU trade defence investigations Hearing Officer 28 Feb 2019
EU and New Zealand complete third round of trade negotiations New Zealand 26 Feb 2019
Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) - Meetings and documents Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 20 Feb 2019
European Union and Southern African Development Community hold their first joint council under Economic Partnership Agreement Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 19 Feb 2019
Economic analysis confirms significant gains from EU-US industrial tariff agreement United States 19 Feb 2019
Commission welcomes European Parliament’s support for investment screening framework Investment 14 Feb 2019
Agreement with Singapore set to give a boost to EU-Asia trade Singapore 13 Feb 2019
Commission puts in place duties on subsidised biodiesel from Argentina Trade defence 13 Feb 2019
Comoros and Samoa join trade and development agreements with the European Union Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 11 Feb 2019
Cambodia: EU launches procedure to temporarily suspend trade preferences Cambodia 11 Feb 2019
Commission imposes definitive safeguard measures on imports of steel products Actions against imports into the EU 01 Feb 2019
EU-Japan trade agreement enters into force Japan 31 Jan 2019
EU-U.S. trade talks: European Commission publishes progress report United States 30 Jan 2019
76 WTO partners launch talks on e-commerce Goods and services 25 Jan 2019
EU team in Korea for government consultations over labour commitments under the trade agreement South Korea 21 Jan 2019
EU-U.S. Trade Talks: European Commission presents draft negotiating mandates United States 18 Jan 2019
The EU moves forward efforts at UN on multilateral reform of ISDS Investment 18 Jan 2019
EU requests bilateral dispute settlement consultations with Ukraine over wood export ban Ukraine 16 Jan 2019
EU imposes safeguard measures on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 16 Jan 2019
European Commission set to adopt definitive safeguard measures on imports of steel Actions against imports into the EU 16 Jan 2019
EU Chief Negotiator updates civil society on the state of play of negotiations with Mercosur Mercosur 15 Jan 2019
Speech: Malmström in Washington D.C. United States 10 Jan 2019
EU, Japan and US met in Washington D.C. United States 09 Jan 2019

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