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Policy making | Brussels, 10 September 2012

EU and US call for input on how to make regulatory regimes more compatible

Reducing non-tariff and behind the border barriers is a key issue in trans-Atlantic trade.

The High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth was appointed by the Transatlantic Economic Council in November 2011, to identify policies and measures that will increase US-EU trade and investment. The Working Group is led by U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht, and works closely with public and private sector stakeholders.

As a part of this process, stakeholders have recently been asked to submit concrete suggestions to the Working Group on how to make regulatory regimes more compatible across the Atlantic. The input will provide valuable background and help the Working Group to define immediate and longer-term goals and mechanisms that will accomplish greater regulatory compatibility between the US and EU markets.

Transatlantic trade and investment constitute the largest economic relationship in the world, creating jobs, increasing economic growth, and driving competitiveness on both sides of the Atlantic. It is therefore important to identify new ways of strengthening this economic relationship and developing its full potential.

The High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth will publish a report with findings, conclusions, and recommendations that will be presented to EU and US senior officials by the end of 2012.

Participate in the public consultation on how to address regulatory differences that hinder trade unnecessarily.