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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2017. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
Commissioner Malmström in Washington D.C. Policy 24 Apr 2017
Commissioner Malmström discusses trade policy with consumer organisations Dialogues 21 Apr 2017
Transparency in action Agreements 20 Apr 2017
EU and Norway conclude negotiations to enhance trade of agricultural products Norway 15 Apr 2017
EU and Japan conclude 18th round of trade talks Japan 10 Apr 2017
Commission publishes latest round report and EU proposals for trade agreement with Mercosur Mercosur 10 Apr 2017
Good Progress in Third Round of EU-Mexico Trade Negotiations Mexico 10 Apr 2017
Commissioner Malmström highlights benefits of trade in Warsaw Canada 07 Apr 2017
EU and Australia one step closer to launching trade negotiations Australia 06 Apr 2017
Speech: Commissioner Malmström outlines progressive trade policy to civil society Policy 29 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström speaks about progressive trade policy in Zagreb Policy 28 Mar 2017
Joint EU-Mercosur Communiqué Following the XXVIIth Round of Negotiations Mercosur 27 Mar 2017
Commission Malmström outlines benefits of Canadian trade deal for Germany Canada 22 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström in Canada to discuss CETA preparations and EU trade agenda Canada 20 Mar 2017
EU-Philippines trade negotiations Philippines 17 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström welcomes Parliament’s approval to stop trade in minerals financing armed conflicts Conflict Minerals regulation 16 Mar 2017
EU and ASEAN gear up for possible re-launch of trade talks ASEAN 10 Mar 2017
EU and Singapore affirm commitment to putting free trade deal in place Singapore 08 Mar 2017
Chile opens its market to EU beef exports Chile 08 Mar 2017
EU and New Zealand move a step further in expanding trade links New Zealand 07 Mar 2017
Commission adopts updated EU-US agreement on mutual recognition of inspections of medicine manufacturers Trade 02 Mar 2017
Commissioner Malmström welcomes stakeholder input on ways to protect investment Dispute settlement 27 Feb 2017
WTO confirms Russian pork ban is illegal WTO cases 23 Feb 2017
EU welcomes entry into force of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement The EU and the WTO 22 Feb 2017
Commissioner Malmström and Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs confirm commitment for an early conclusion of EU-Japan FTA negotiations Japan 17 Feb 2017
European Commission welcomes Parliament’s support of trade deal with Canada Canada 15 Feb 2017
CETA - a trade deal that sets a new standard for global trade Canada 15 Feb 2017
European Parliament Debates EU-Canada Partnership Canada 15 Feb 2017
Commission publishes negotiating proposals for EU-Indonesia trade deal Indonesia 07 Feb 2017
The texts proposed by the EU for the trade deal with Indonesia Indonesia 07 Feb 2017
Malmström discusses EU-China business ties China 06 Feb 2017
EU and Mexico agree to accelerate trade talks Mexico 01 Feb 2017
European Commission imposes anti-dumping duties on steel products from China and Taiwan Trade defence 27 Jan 2017
WTO rules in favour of the EU in dispute on Russian duties on light commercial vehicles Dispute settlement 27 Jan 2017
Speech: The future of EU trade policy Policy 24 Jan 2017
EU and US publish TTIP state of play assessment United States 17 Jan 2017
Commission proposes increased market access for Sri Lanka as reform incentive Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 10 Jan 2017
Protocol of Accession of Ecuador to the EU-Colombia/Peru Trade Agreement Andean Community 01 Jan 2017

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