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Trade policy and you | 16 July 2013

Civil Society Dialogue: TTIP – update on first round

Today, 16 July, DG Trade hosted a Civil Society Dialogue attended by more than 150 participants representing NGOs, industry associations, trade unions and other bodies. The objective of the meeting was to brief stakeholders on the first round of TTIP negotiations that took place in Washington DC from 8-12 July. The European Commission was represented by officials from DG Trade and other Directorates-General who had taken part in last week’s talks in Washington and who were able to provide first-hand information about and details of the negotiations.

Damien Levie, the EU's Deputy Chief Negotiator for the TTIP and Head of Unit in DG Trade responsible for the US, gave an initial presentation of the first round of talks. He and his colleagues then fielded a wide range of questions from participants about the negotiations.

Topics covered during the exchange with the Commission included:

  • Transparency
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental aspects
  • Geographical indicators
  • Services
  • Sensitive agricultural sectors
  • Investment protection
  • Cross-border payments
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Harmonisation of standards

The full minutes of the meeting will be made available on the EU Trade website shortly.