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The news archive displays news announcements and press releases for the year 2016. More search options are available via the search form.

Title Topic Date
Commissioner Malmström to co-chair decisive negotiations on Environmental Goods Agreement in Geneva Sustainable development 02 Dec 2016
Malmström welcomes parliamentary vote on Ghana agreement Economic Partnerships 01 Dec 2016
Transatlantic Economic Council: Cooperation on Innovation for Growth United States 30 Nov 2016
Speeches: Commissioner Malmström meets European Parliament committees on agriculture, employment and trade Trade, Growth & Jobs 29 Nov 2016
Major win for the EU in the WTO dispute on Boeing Dispute settlement 28 Nov 2016
Commissioner Malmström, Ukrainian President discuss EU-Ukraine trade and investment Ukraine 25 Nov 2016
EU reaches landmark agreement on conflict minerals regulation Raw materials 22 Nov 2016
Speech: Commissioner Malmström talks trade in Milan Agreements 18 Nov 2016
Speech: Commissioner Malmström on the opportunities of digital trade Policy 17 Nov 2016
Economic study on the cumulative effects of trade agreements on the EU agricultural sector – Frequently Asked Questions Agreements 15 Nov 2016
Commission presents study on impact of future trade agreements on the agricultural sector Agreements 15 Nov 2016
The EU imposes provisional anti-dumping duties on steel and iron products from China Trade defence 14 Nov 2016
Ecuador joins EU-Colombia/Peru trade agreement Andean Community 11 Nov 2016
16th meeting of the Joint Committee under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and Turkmenistan Central Asia 10 Nov 2016
Commission proposes changes to the EU’s anti-dumping and anti-subsidy legislation Trade defence 09 Nov 2016
Commissioner Malmström in European Parliament for conference on future of trade policy Canada 09 Nov 2016
Transparency in action Agreements 07 Nov 2016
Hong Kong boost for EU meat exporters Hong-Kong SAR 07 Nov 2016
Hong Kong boost for EU meat exporters Hong-Kong SAR 04 Nov 2016
Remarks by President Juncker at the joint press conference with European Council President Tusk and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, following the EU-Canada Summit Canada 30 Oct 2016
EU-Canada summit: newly signed trade agreement sets high standards for global trade Canada 30 Oct 2016
EU – Canada Summit: An historic juncture in our political and economic partnership Canada 30 Oct 2016
CETA - a trade deal that sets a new standard for global trade: fact sheet Canada 29 Oct 2016
EU Launches Selection of Candidates for the position of WTO Appellate Body member The EU and the WTO 26 Oct 2016
EU files WTO panel request against Chinese export restrictions on raw materials Dispute settlement 26 Oct 2016
Commission urges Member States to support proposals to strengthen European defences against unfair trade Trade defence 19 Oct 2016
EU and China discuss trade, investment, overcapacity and cooperation on state aid control at the 6th High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue China 18 Oct 2016
The EU proposes to curb subsidies causing overfishing in WTO countries Sustainable development 17 Oct 2016
Mercosur – EU Joint communiqué on the XVI negotiating round, 10-14 October 2016 Mercosur 14 Oct 2016
Commission provides €380.000 for customs reforms in Central Africa Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 14 Oct 2016
The EU Appeals Findings of the WTO Compliance Panel in Airbus case The EU and the WTO 13 Oct 2016
Speech: EU Trade Policy and the Retail and Wholesale Sector Trade, Growth & Jobs 13 Oct 2016
Commissioner Malmström stresses role of fair and ethical trade in a values-based trade strategy, outlines upcoming action Trade, Growth & Jobs 12 Oct 2016
Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) EPA Group Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 10 Oct 2016
Economic Partnership Agreement with southern African countries enters into effect Africa, Caribbean, Pacific 10 Oct 2016
Final press conference of the TTIP 15th round of negotiations United States 07 Oct 2016
Commission publishes new proposals for the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) in ongoing transparency drive Goods and services 04 Oct 2016
EU Promoting Workers’ Rights in Myanmar - Second Stakeholders Meeting in Yangon Myanmar 30 Sep 2016
Commissioner Malmström visits Kyiv and unveils proposal to increase Ukrainian duty-free exports Ukraine 30 Sep 2016
Commission proposes to modernise and strengthen controls on exports of dual-use items Dual use controls 28 Sep 2016
Commissioner Malmström participates in Citizens’ Dialogue in Budapest Policy 26 Sep 2016
Cecilia Malmström hosts conference in Bratislava on making trade agreements work Policy 22 Sep 2016
WTO Issues a Report on EU Compliance with Airbus Case Ruling Dispute settlement 22 Sep 2016
Speech: EU Trade Commissioner in Belgian Parliament on CETA and other trade agreements. Canada 20 Sep 2016
Commissioner Malmström meets civil society organisations in Brussels on CETA Canada 19 Sep 2016
CETA: statement by the European Commissioner for Trade and Canada’s Minister of International Trade Canada 18 Sep 2016
Malmström and Froman discussed TTIP progress, next round United States 15 Sep 2016
Commissioner Malmström addresses Austrian Parliament Hearing on CETA Canada 14 Sep 2016
European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström visits Tallinn Policy 09 Sep 2016
China Lifts Anti-dumping Duty on European Stainless Steel Tubes The EU and the WTO 23 Aug 2016
EU requests WTO panel over Colombia’s discrimination against imported spirits The EU and the WTO 22 Aug 2016
EU wins a WTO dispute on Russian pork ban WTO cases 19 Aug 2016
WTO confirms Russian import duties violate WTO rules Dispute settlement 12 Aug 2016
Sustainable trade: the EU Report Highlights Pressing Need for Further Action by the Bangladeshi Authorities to Improve Labour Conditions in the Garment Sector Bangladesh 05 Aug 2016
Public notice on 5th Pharma Review Access to medicines 29 Jul 2016
EU-Tunisia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) Tunisia 27 Jul 2016
College orientation debate on the treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations Trade defence 20 Jul 2016
EU takes again legal action against export restrictions on Chinese raw materials Raw materials 19 Jul 2016
EU and Indonesia Launch Bilateral Trade Talks Indonesia 18 Jul 2016
EU negotiating texts in TTIP United States 14 Jul 2016
Commission publishes further TTIP documents in ongoing transparency commitment United States 14 Jul 2016
The Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA): Liberalising trade in environmental goods and services Sustainable development 14 Jul 2016
Speech: EU Trade Commissioner in China urging deeper global and bilateral trade and investment ties China 11 Jul 2016
CETA - an EU free trade deal fit for the 21st century Canada 05 Jul 2016
European Commission proposes signature and conclusion of EU-Canada trade deal Canada 05 Jul 2016
Trade boosted by five years of EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement South Korea 01 Jul 2016
EU removes customs duties on IT equipment Goods and services 01 Jul 2016
Launch of new intellectual property enforcement tool Intellectual property 30 Jun 2016
Malmström in Washington: "We need highly ambitious trade agreements" United States 29 Jun 2016
TTIP – 14th round of talks, 11-15 July United States 29 Jun 2016
Statement by Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström on EU Trade Policy Policy 27 Jun 2016
Mercosur - EU joint communique Mercosur 23 Jun 2016
The European Union sets its sights high on ambitions with China China 22 Jun 2016
Speech: TTIP and Developing Countries United States 21 Jun 2016
Commission report Points to Rising Global Protectionism Accessing markets 21 Jun 2016
EU political deal to curb trade in conflict minerals Raw materials 16 Jun 2016
Latest EU Trade Defence Report confirms increase in third-country measures against EU exports Trade defence 16 Jun 2016
EU signs Economic Partnership Agreement with Southern African countries Economic Partnerships 10 Jun 2016
Report of the first round of free trade talks between the EU and the Philippines Philippines 03 Jun 2016
Statement on the WTO Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) Negotiations Sustainable development 02 Jun 2016
Commissioner Malmström calls for more ambition in negotiation for open trade in services (TiSA) Goods and services 02 Jun 2016
EU and Mexico kick off talks to re-boost trade and investment relations Mexico 30 May 2016
18th round of Trade in Services Agreement talks starts under EU chairmanship Goods and services 26 May 2016
Commission publishes further TTIP documents in ongoing transparency commitment United States 24 May 2016
The Commission increases transparency of its trade defence procedures Trade defence 19 May 2016
Japan lifts ban on imports of Italian beef Japan 19 May 2016
Draft study on impact of TTIP open for public consultation United States 13 May 2016
EU-Mercosur joint communiqué on exchange of negotiating offers Mercosur 11 May 2016
Speech: Hearing on Environmental Goods Agreement Sustainable development 04 May 2016
Negotiating TTIP: Comment by Commissioner Malmström United States 02 May 2016
Speech: WTO & Values in EU Trade Policy The EU and the WTO 02 May 2016
New study highlights examples of EU-US regulatory cooperation United States 02 May 2016
EU Delegation in Kiev criticises Ukraine proposal to raise export duties on metal scrap Ukraine 02 May 2016
The texts proposed by the EU for a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) with Tunisia Tunisia 29 Apr 2016
Second edition of Handbook for Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) 27 Apr 2016
European Commission publishes report on state of play of TTIP negotiations United States 27 Apr 2016
Speech: TTIP at the Hannover Messe United States 26 Apr 2016
Speech: The WTO after Nairobi – what’s the way ahead? Doha Development Agenda 26 Apr 2016
Statement by Commissioners Malmström, Thyssen and Mimica on the 3rd anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy Development 22 Apr 2016
Malmström met Minister Freeland of Canada Canada 21 Apr 2016
Speech: Values in EU Trade Policy - Targeting Corruption Policy making 19 Apr 2016
Speech: Commissioner Malmström on OECD high level symposium on steel Raw materials 18 Apr 2016
EU and Mercosur agree to advance trade talks Mercosur 08 Apr 2016
The Commission publishes further TTIP documents in ongoing transparency commitment United States 21 Mar 2016
Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrӧm visits Georgia Georgia 18 Mar 2016
Speech: Trade Defence and China: Taking a Careful Decision Trade defence 17 Mar 2016
Speech: TTIP and Global Trade: What’s in it for Sweden, Europe and the World United States 15 Mar 2016
EU and China discuss overcapacity problem in the steel sector Raw materials 11 Mar 2016
Commissioner Malmström in Washington D.C. Policy 10 Mar 2016
Commission welcomes US reopening of its market to Dutch beef United States 01 Mar 2016
CETA: EU and Canada agree on new approach on investment in trade agreement Canada 29 Feb 2016
12th round of TTIP talks picks up the pace for a high standard deal United States 26 Feb 2016
The EU delivers on its trade policy commitments for global development Policy 25 Feb 2016
Speech: Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in London "Britain, the EU and Global Trade" Policy 25 Feb 2016
Speech: Vienna visit on TTIP United States 22 Feb 2016
Commission imposes duties to prevent imports of dumped and subsidised Chinese solar panel components via Taiwan and Malaysia Trade defence 12 Feb 2016
Commission launches new anti-dumping investigations into several steel products Trade defence 12 Feb 2016
Commission opens a public consultation on future measures to prevent dumped imports from China China 10 Feb 2016
TTIP – 12th round of talks, 22-26 February United States 08 Feb 2016
Japan lifts the ban on imports of Danish beef Japan 05 Feb 2016
Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) in suppport of negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), Draft Interim Report - POSTPONED Trade policy and you 05 Feb 2016
Commission discussed with Parliament and Council treatment of China in anti-dumping investigations China 02 Feb 2016
EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement Now Available Online Vietnam 01 Feb 2016
EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement: Agreed text as of January 2016 Vietnam 01 Feb 2016
European Commission Takes Action to Open Up International Procurement Markets Public procurement 29 Jan 2016
Speech: China & the EU- A Partnership for Reform China 28 Jan 2016
EU and its partners discuss further steps to ensure better future for Bangladeshi garment industry workers Development 28 Jan 2016
Highlights of the EU report on sustainable development and good governance in GSP+ countries Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 28 Jan 2016
Trade policy promotes sustainability and human rights Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) 28 Jan 2016
Speech: Food and Agriculture Exports: Working Together for Results Market access for EU exporters 26 Jan 2016
Speech: TTIP: What consumers have to gain United States 25 Jan 2016
Speech: What’s next for the WTO? United States 25 Jan 2016
Environmental Goods Agreement: Promoting EU environmental objectives through trade Sustainable development 22 Jan 2016
Statement by EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Andriukaitis, Trade Commissioner Malmström and Agriculture Commissioner Hogan: Draft rule paves the way for EU exports of apples and pears to the US United States 18 Jan 2016
EU and China agree on scope of the future investment deal Investment 15 Jan 2016
Speech: Commissioner Malmström in Berlin on TTIP and Trade United States 14 Jan 2016
EU requests WTO consultations over Colombia’s discrimination against imported spirits Dispute settlement 13 Jan 2016
Speech: Trade Commissioner at Flemish Parliament – What Flanders Can Gain from Trade Agreements Like TTIP United States 12 Jan 2016
Commissioner Malmström speaks in Karlsruhe on the benefits of an open trade strategy Policy 11 Jan 2016
EU contributes €100,000 to increase transparency in investor-to-state disputes Investment 06 Jan 2016
Dual use: Entry into force of 2015 EU control list Dual use controls 05 Jan 2016

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