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China | Brussels, 2 August 2013

European Commission adopts price undertaking in EU-China solar panels case

The Commission today endorsed the amicable solution found in the EU-China solar panels case announced by Commissioner Karel De Gucht last weekend. During the process leading to today's decision the Commission has received almost unanimous support from the Member States. The Commission adopted a decision to accept the undertaking offered by Chinese exporting producers of solar panels, as well as a regulation exempting these participating companies from the payment of provisional anti-dumping duties. Both legal acts will be published in the Official Journal tomorrow and enter into force on 6 August. As a consequence, those Chinese companies participating in the price undertaking will be exempted from paying any anti-dumping duties as of 6 August, whereas those companies not participating will pay the increased anti-dumping duties that have been announced on 5 June 2013.

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