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Market Access Flash note 54 - Brazil lifts BSE import ban
The EU welcomes the recent amendments by Brazil to its import conditions related to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). This should now allow exports to Brazil of breeding cattle and beef from the EU. Therefore, the European Commission strongly welcomes this change and encourages Brazil to take this opportunity to bring all the remaining import conditions related to BSE and imports of animals and animal products fully into line with international standards.

Since 2001, Brazil has applied an import ban on ruminants and their products originating in the EU, as Brazil considered there was a risk of BSE. The European Commission expressed its con-cerns with regard to these measures as they were overly trade restrictive and went beyond the international standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Brazil kept the ban in place without any scientific justification. With the recent legislation from Brazil, this prohibi-tion related to BSE has now been lifted and the import conditions have been brought more (alt-hough not fully) into line with the relevant international standards set out by the OIE.

Brazilian legislation continues to require bilateral approval procedures and accreditation of es-tablishments before exports of animals and animal products can start. Such procedures remain overly burdensome, lengthy, non-transparent and with no foreseeable time frames. Nevertheless, the European Commission invites interested Members States to submit export applications for breeding cattle and beef and will provide support for any difficulties which may arise in the ac-creditation process.

The European Commission, the EU Delegation in Brasilia and the Brazilian authorities will con-tinue to cooperate on SPS matters. Cooperation will focus on trying to resolve outstanding issues on a practical and permanent basis, thereby allowing trade to start or continue, while respecting the EU and Brazilian levels of SPS protection.

In 2012, the total EU exports of agricultural and food products to Brazil amounted to around €1.45 billion.

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