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Current quotas monitoring of EU imports of spruce and pine from Russia under the TRQs 1
  1. On 1 September 2012, Russia has opened tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) which provide for reduced in-quota export duties on certain coniferous wood species, i.e. spruce and pine. Russia applies reduced export duty rates of 13% for spruce and 15% for pine on exports falling under the TRQs, compared to an out-of-quota export duty rate of currently 80%, but not less than 55 € / m³. The beneficial export duty rates and the EU share in the TRQs are enshrined in Russia's WTO Accession Protocol. Specific arrangements for the EU management of its share in the TRQs are established by a bilateral Agreement which Russia and the EU have concluded in the context of Russia's WTO accession which became effective on 22 August 2012.