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Case R715 - Castings, (cast iron articles)

  • Type: Anti-absorption investigation, Article 12
  • Countries investigated: People's Republic of China

Timeframe and key steps

This is an indicative timetable for interested parties.
Only the time limits and deadlines set out in the basic regulations and notices of initiation are legally binding.

Initiation stage Provisional stage Definitive stage
Date of initiation Time period envisaged for verification visits 1 Pre-disclosure 2 Provisional Measures 3 Return comments on disclosure / provisional measures 4 Return comments on final disclosure 5 Definitive Measures 6
18 December 2019 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable 19 June 2020 17 July 2020




  1. The Commission may carry out visits between the above stated dates to verify the questionnaire replies and other information submitted by the interested parties.
  2. The Commission will provide information on the planned imposition of provisional duties 3 weeks before the imposition of provisional measures. Interested parties will be given 3 working days to comment in writing on the accuracy of the calculations. In cases where the Commission intends not to impose provisional duties, it will inform the interested parties 3 weeks before the expiry of the deadline to impose provisional duties.
  3. Latest date for entry into force of provisional measures (8 months from initiation in anti-dumping cases and 9 months from initiation in anti-subsidy cases). If imposed, these measures have a maximum duration of 6 months in the case of an anti-dumping investigation and 4 months in the case of an anti-subsidy investigation. Interested parties can submit comments on provisional measures. Interested parties who have co-operated in the proceedings can submit comments to the disclosure letter following its transmission to them.
  4. Latest date for interested parties to submit comments on provisional measures or disclosure letter.
  5. Latest date for parties which have co-operated in the proceedings to submit comments on the final disclosure letter following its transmission to them.
  6. Latest date to publish the imposition of definitive measures or the termination of the proceedings in the Official Journal of the European Union in the case of initial investigations. Measures will normally be imposed for a period of five years with the possibility to request a review of the measures at the earliest one year after imposition. In the case of other types of investigations (e.g. reviews), this is an indicative date for the conclusion of the investigation.